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Weed control in agriculture

Unkrautbekämpfung mit dem EC-Weeder

Do you want a clean field?

Every field and every crop is different, including the weeds that compete with our arable crops for light, water and nutrients. Efficient weed control is essential for highest crop quality and safe yields.

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Chemical weed control

Modern crop protection optimally adapted

Precise tape application for row and perineal crops.

Chemical weed control
Chemische Unkrautbekämpfung

Intelligent camera concept

Precise and fatigue-free hoeing at day and night time

Automates row guidance and plant recognition.

Camera technology
Kameratechnologie bei Nacht


Field bindweed, foxtail or goosefoot?

Every crop has its own weeds. And we have the right machines!

To the crops

The concept

  • Behind the Easy-Concept (EC) is weed control technology that is very user-friendly and can be optimally adapted to your specific site and crop conditions.
  • The Intelligent-Camera-Concept (IC) comprises technologies that are dependent on a camera. Products of the IC-Concept are particularly precise and allow fatigue-free working by automating row guidance and plant recognition.

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