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12. August 2022

Clean hoeing in ridge crops with Steketee EC-Ridger

Mechanical weed control – now also possible with potatoes and carrots

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Hackmaschinen aufrüsten Lenkrahmen

12. May 2022

Intelligent hoeing maching upgrade: Precise guidance for everyone

Steketee’s practical steering frame expands the range of applications for any hoeing machine

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29. March 2022

LEMKEN has a record year

Sales milestone of €400 million exceeded

Combined Powers

17. March 2022

Combined Powers

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LEMKEN Steketee Investition

22. February 2022

New location for hoeing technology in the Netherlands

This high-tech production facility for hoeing machines opens in 2023. LEMKEN invests 18 million euros.

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LEMKEN Carbon Farming

11. February 2022

LEMKEN conducts carbon farming research project

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LEMKEN Soltair 23 Plus Optidisc 25

28. January 2022

A strong team – LEMKEN drilling combination with front hopper

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LEMKEN Kurzscheibenegge Gülleverteiler Kombination

25. January 2022

Take-off for a strong duo

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LEMKEN Variopack

21. January 2022

New LEMKEN front-mounted furrow press variopack with true tracking

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