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Many vegetable varieties are very sensitive to weed competition. Therefore, the field must remain almost weed-free until harvest time. This also avoids complications during mechanical harvesting, as well as weed residues in the crop. EC-Weeder and IC-Weeder can help with weed control in vegetable production.


This is what your EC-Weeder for lettuce could look like:

  • 3-bed machine
  • works 4 rows
  • row spacing of 38 cm

The machine is equipped with three IC-Light cameras that allow precise control in each bed. The Basic elements are mounted on a square tube and equipped with hoeing blades to remove weeds between the rows. Between the beds, in the tracks, spring tines with goosefoot shares loosen the soil.


This is what your IC-Weeder for lettuce could look like:

  • cultivates 5 rows
  • row spacing of 30 cm

Cameras are mounted under the cover to reliably image the field of view, which is illuminated with LED lights, even in changing light conditions and at night. The elements are mounted on a square tube and are equipped with sickle blades for removing weeds between the rows and in the row.

LEMKEN IC-Weeder Freisteller Mobil

Mechanical weed control

Find your individually configured chipper for weed control in vegetables.

Mechanical weed control

Chemical weed control

We configure the belt sprayer for your needs.

Chemical weed control
Chemische Unkrautbekämpfung

Weeds in vegetables

Common weeds are gallant soldier, goosefoot and amaranth, which are all forming many seeds. Other common weeds in vegetables are chickweed, millet- and speedwell- species as well as groundsel, which is not covered by the standard herbicides.