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For the right soil porosity

LEMKEN pays a lot of attention to optimal reconsolidation: with different packer types or following rollers of the machines for seedbed preparation and stubble cultivation. .

Integrated or variable

The LEMKEN furrow presses do an excellent job of reconsolidation. Directly behind the plough and thus at the most favourable moment and in the optimum moisture condition or front mounted during seedbed preparation.

To the furrow presses
furrow press for reconsolidation

The indispensable addition

Following rollers

In the extensive LEMKEN roller range you will find the optimum complement for your cultivator, compact disc harrow or seedbed combinations and all soil conditions.

Roller range
Following roller

Why reconsolidation?

When ploughing, the soil is loosened, crumbled and at the same time its porosity volume is increased. This allows air and heat to enter the soil and interrupts the soil capillaries. Because of tight crop rotations, there is usually no time for gradual settling and natural fermentation of the soil. In addition, drying out of the ploughed soil must be prevented. On the other hand, capillary action must be restored as quickly as possible for the seed sub-bed.