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Band sprayer SprayKit for the EC-Weeder

LEMKEN SprayKit Einsatz (3)
LEMKEN SprayKit Einsatz
LEMKEN SprayKit Detail EC-Weeder

The SprayKit: Two operations in one

The LEMKEN SprayKit allows you to apply liquid fertilisers, crop care products and other liquids. The compact application unit is suitable for installation on any attachment.

Various features such as the mechanical width section control and the water hydraulics make the SprayKit a highly efficient tool.

A strong combination with the EC-Weeder

The best solution from a single source: with the SprayKit, LEMKEN turns the Steketee EC-Weeder into a highly efficient hoeing machine with a band sprayer. In this combination, the SprayKit is available in different variants.

LEMKEN SprayKit EC-Weeder

Nozzle holder with drip stop

  • Height adjustable via a scale to ensure optimal positioning above the plant row
  • Easy handling thanks to a lock on the holder
  • Lockable diaphragm valve
  • High-precision work thanks to easy angle adjustment
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