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The SprayKit: Two operations in one

The LEMKEN SprayKit allows you to apply liquid fertilisers, crop care products and other liquids. Various features such as the electrical single-row control and the water hydraulics make the SprayKit a highly efficient tool.

The compact distribution unit is suitable for mounting on any mounted implement, e.g. as a combined band sprayer with the EC-Weeder hoe or for under-root fertilisation with the Azurit precision drill.

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The SprayHit in hoeing technology

The combination of rear-mounted hoeing machine EC-Weeder, front tank SprayHub and the SprayKit combines hoeing technology and band spraying, enabling combined weed control in a single pass. Functions such as the individually adjustable nozzle holder and the flexible use of special nozzles depending on the application ensure maximum precision.

The nozzle holder

The individually adjustable nozzle holder and the flexible use of special nozzles depending on the application ensure maximum precision.

Which applications are possible?

  • Rectangular, uniform liquid distribution across the full band width
  • Band width adjustable by changing the spraying distance and/or rotating the spray axis
  • With band spray nozzles for band spraying

  • For lateral spraying in the row
  • Optimum coverage of row/special crops with herbicide strips/underleaf spraying

For applying liquid fertiliser close to the ground while protecting crops plants

  • Optimum nutrient uptake by the plants and thus minimisation of losses
  • With variable elastomer metering opening for variable flow rates

Good reasons for combining hoeing and band spraying

  • Hoeing and band spraying can be done in a single pass
  • Application rates can be reduced by 40-60%
  • Targeted application ensures better utilisation of crop care agents
  • Optimised application to crop rows via IC-Light camera control (also DeltaRow)
  • Increased efficiency, especially in intra-row areas
  • Control of late weeds, problem weeds and beet bolters
Kombination von Hacken und Bandspritzung

The SprayKit for precision drilling

In combination with the Azurit, the SprayKit can be used in precision seed drilling with up to 8 rows for underfoot fertilisation on the fertiliser double disc coulter.

Under-root fertilisation with precision seed drilling

With this approach, under-root fertilisation is carried out via the double disc coulters of the fertiliser bar. As the nutrients are already present in dissolved form, they can be more easily absorbed by the roots. This minimises the loss of nutrients through leaching or fixation in the soil and contributes to a more efficient use of the fertilisers applied.

Unterfußdüngung an der Düngerschiene

Central fertiliser application

The fertiliser is applied centrally below the staggered double row of the Azurit (DeltaRow) in the root zone and thus has the perfect distance to each plant for optimum nutrient supply.

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