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Efficient farm machinery

Farm machinery Saphir 9

Farm machinery & innovation

We rely on the experience and expectations of our dealers and customers in close cooperation. This enables us to provide farmers and contractors location-specific solutions with convenient and reliable processes for optimal yields. For efficient and sustainable agriculture. From Germany to the whole world - farm machinery from LEMKEN.


LEMKEN farm machinery at a glance

  • Production of over 15,000 implements per year
  • Headquarter in Alpen
  • Worldwide 9 production- & assembly locations
  • 1.700 employees
  • 81 % export
  • 29 distribution offices
  • 446 Mio. € revenue

Soil cultivation

The right solution for every type of soil

We know our customers' problems and supply the right farm machine for every soil condition.

Soil cultivation
Farm machinery for soil cultivation


Precision seeding technologies to secure yields

We offer a complete range of seed drills for conventional and conservation agriculture.


[Translate to English:] Landmaschinen Aussaat


High-performance crop care technologies for high yields

Crop care in an ecologically sustainable approach is at the forefront of our machines - for your yield!

[Translate to English:] Landmaschinen Cropcare

Precision farming technologies

Advanced technologies for farm machinery

LEMKEN iQblue offers hardware and software solutions in the field of precision agriculture to maximize your crop quality and yields while helping you manage your business in a sustainable and profitable way.

Precision farming technologies