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Seedbed preparation

Seedbed preperation

Perfect conditions for germination

The soil is the most important resource in productive agriculture. Choice of the primary cultivation procedure, for the particular location, and optimal use of technology, help retain the long-term profitability of the soil. An important factor for a successful harvest is the preparation of seedbeds.

The tasks of seedbed preparation

  • Levelling the surface to create uniform conditions for sowing.
  • The tools must break up clods, lumps and crumbs.
  • Optimum distribution of aggregate sizes and creation of a longterm structural stability of the soil
  • Cultivation to a consistent working depth.
  • Adequate reconsolidation of the soil under the seeds to ensure the water supply of seedlings are during the first growth phase.
  • Create a large enough pore volume in the topsoil, to ensure an adequate supply of water and air to the plant roots.

Power harrows

Intensive and versatile

The power harrow works intensively and can be used in many different ways. It allows the working parameters of the seedbed preparation to be adapted to the currently prevailing conditions.

Power harrows
Seedbed preperation power harrow

Seedbed combinations

Precise and fast

Precise seedbed preparation, high acreage outputs and low wear part costs are the decisive arguments for using passive seedbed combinations. They are of great importance in the field of secondary tillage for cereals
cereals, rape and row crops.

Seedbed combinations
Seedbed combinations for seedbed preperation

System carrier

A single carrier for any use

The LEMKEN system carriers offer the  possibility to use different LEMKEN implements with a single carriage efficiently in the field.

To System Carrier Gigant
Gigant System-Kompaktor

The objective of seedbed preparation

The objective here is to prepare the soil so that the seeds can quickly germinate and efficiently grow. The prepared soil structure should remain stable right through to harvest.
After primary soil cultivation the land is prepared for optimum plant development by the preparation of seedbeds.
The seeds which have been sown and are germinating in the soil require water, heat and air to develop. The surface soil should be soft enough for the seedlings to grow through. The area under the seeds should be reconsolidated to aid capillary action and water supply to the plant. These factors are optimised in a well prepared seedbed, thereby ensuring the basic requirements for a good growth rate.