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Precise sowing technique that ensures yields

LEMKEN's modern sowing technology combines optimum seed placement and high output. A wide range of combination options and good reconsolidation create the basis for a good harvest.

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What LEMKEN sowing technology provides

  • Mechanical and pneumatic seed drills
  • Drill combination with different tillage units
  • Working widths from 3 - 12 metres
  • Suitable for all tillage methods
  • Innovative precision seeding

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History of LEMKEN sowing technology

Seed Drilling

Groundbreaking drill technology

Sowing is the starting point for good germination rates in your plants. And the right seed drill technology plays a decisive role in determining the success and quality of your crop. LEMKEN seed drills and drill combinations offer the right solution in all conditions.

Seed drills
Tractor with seed drill in the field

Precision seeding

More space for a higher yields

Sowing with the Azurit precision seeder using the DeltaRow method gives the plants 70 % more standing space than conventional methods. This favours healthy growth and increases the yield.

Precision seeding
Sowing precision seeding

Sowing catch crops

Stubble cultivation and sowing in one pass

The SeedHub intercrop seeder can be combined with various tillage implements to apply the intercrop during stubble cultivation.

SeedHub 5
Sowing catch crops SeedHub


Grain seeding & planting technology from South Africa

Complete solutions for sowing row crops and efficient seed drills for the highest demands: planters, seeders and air carts.