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Mechanical weed control

Hoeing technogoly

Mechanical weed control has become an integral part of agricultural practice. This technology is now part of everyday life – not only for organic farms. Conventional arable farmers are also relying more and more on mechanical weed control. This is only partly due to government regulations, as the use of hoeing machines and harrows also offers numerous agronomic advantages. It has additionally been proven that mechanical approaches promote root growth and improve crop development.

Our machines for mechanical weed control impress with customised solutions for all requirements, from classic row crops to highly specialised vegetable crops.

The advantages of mechanical weed control

  • Saving water
  • Breaking up crusted soils
  • Interrupting capillarity
  • Releasing nitrogen
  • Promoting mineralisation
  • Reducing the use of chemical crop care products

One weeder for all needs

Hoeing machine EC-Weeder

A true all-rounder among hoes! Suitable for all crops that are grown in rows, individually and location-fairly configurable.


Precision for old and new

Parallel steering frame EC-Steer

Whether EC-Weeder or third-party machine - Easy steering and perfect insertion of the hoe for precise use in the field!


Dam(n) good technology

Earthing up machine EC-Ridger

Tthe perfect combination of subsoiler, hoeing discs and earthing-up bodies! For shapely, clean and stable ridges and healthy crops.

LEMKEN EC-Ridger Einsatz Rechts

All-round carefree hoeing machine

Hoeing machine IC-Weeder

Easy and automatic weed control thanks to the intelligent camera system! For precise and fatigue-free work day and night.


A row ahead

IC-Weeder AI

Hoeing at the highest level! Reliable weed removal in and between the rows even under unfavorable conditions with the help of artificial intelligence.

IC-Weeder AI

Even against the smallest weeds

Weeder harrow Thulit

The Thulit weeder harrow optimally complements the hoeing technology and makes weed management a success factor for arable farming. It enables the early use of mechanical weed control.



Weed Control Technology & Weeder Harrow Thulit

Here you can find all info for download

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Weed Control Technology & Weeder Harrow Thulit

Here you can find all info for download