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The EC-SprayHood is suitable for crop rows on the flat field. The herbicide is sprayed inside the hood, therefore it is placed inter-row, so between the rows to kill weeds and volunteer plants.

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What makes the EC-SprayHood stand out

  • Row application between and on the crop rows
  • Safes up to 80% of herbicides and fungicides
  • Less growth depression of the crops thanks to direct application on the weeds


The EC-SprayHood can be mounted in the front or in the rear, if an IC-Light system is choosen for automatic steering. In the front the machine fits on a standard cat. 2 front hitch.


The hood is mounted on a Basic- or Combi-Element for efficient contour following. Therefore a conversion from row-sprayer to a hoeing machine can be easily carried out.


Inside the hood, the nozzel is mounted to spray precisely between the crop rows. For bigger row distances, two nozzels per hood are optional. The width of the hood is adjustable to fit the different grow stages of the crop. It closes completely with the ground as it is sliding on skids through the soil.

EC-Sparyhood Element


Weed Control Technology

Here you can find all info for download

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Weed Control Technology

Here you can find all info for download