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In the early stages of growth, maize is very sensitive to weeds. Without sufficient control, the crop cannot establish itself. After row closure, only the weeds that overgrow the maize are critical. The EC-Weeder is ideally suited to control weeds such as field bindweed in maize.


This is what your EC weeder for weed control in maize could look like:

  • 12 rows
  • Row spacing 75 cm
  • IC-Light camera control equipped for fatigue-free work day and night

The combination elements are mounted on a profile frame and equipped with goosefoot shares on spring tines for working between the rows. The toothed protective discs prevent damage to the crop and the following harrow ensures that the weeds are cleanly weeded.

EC-Weeder Corn

Mechanical weed control

Find your individually configured hoeing machine in maize.

Mechanical weed control

Chemical weed control

We configure the belt sprayer for your needs.

Chemical weed control
Chemische Unkrautbekämpfung

Weeds in maize

The most common weeds in maize are field bindweed, melde, goosefoot, knotweed, speedwell, camomile, franciscan herb and millet.