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  • Customisable hoeing machine
  • Row spacing from 15 to 150 cm, customised working widths up to 13 m
  • Optional IC-Light camera control
LEMKEN EC-Weeder Einsätze
LEMKEN EC-Weeder Einsatz
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LEMKEN EC-Weeder Terminal

Customised hoeing machine for row crops

The EC-Weeder is suitable for all crops that are sown in rows. It can be configured to the farmer's specific requirements, taking into account the crop, soil conditions, row spacing and tractor track width.

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The basic configuration

The basic configuration of a hoeing machine consists of a frame, support wheels and hoeing elements, which can be adapted to the respective crops and soil conditions using a wide range of tools. All variants are available as a base frame or with an integrated steering frame (V version). The V-versions offer the option of control via joystick, row switch or camera.

Frame and support wheels

The base frame has a rigid or folding design, depending on the working width, and is suitably sturdy. It has the profile toolbar with the parallelogram hoeing elements attached to it. With EC-Steer, a compatible separate parallel steering frame is available.

The V series features an integrated parallel steering frame in front of the base frame. This design is more compact than a separate steering frame between the tractor and hoeing machine. The steering frame transmits the steering signal from the IC-Light camera control or the manual steering hydraulically to the hoeing unit. The hoe is then steered between the rows independently of the tractor movements. Thanks to the open frame, the camera has a clear view behind the tractor.

The parallel steering frame has a swivel range of up to 20 cm to the right and 20 cm to the left. When the EC-Weeder is raised, the hoeing machine is automatically centered behind the tractor. The support wheels allow the machine to be operated with open lower link stabilisers, which prevents the transfer of movement between the tractor and the steering frame. Two or four support wheels in two different versions are optionally available for the parallel steering frame.

The elements are clamped to an 80 × 80 mm profile toolbar via robust connections and can be easily adjusted. This allows for a range of row widths. The components can be attached both at the front and at the rear of the profile toolbar. As a result, the required hoeing elements can be flexibly attached.

LEMKEN EC-Weeder Profilrahmen

  • Large wheel diameter for optimal load-bearing capacity
  • Height adjustment via a perforated grid
  • Gentle to crops

  • Wheel flange for improved directional stability when traversing slopes
  • Height adjustment via a perforated grid

Hoeing elements

For light soils and shorter crops with row spacings of 15 to 50 cm. A tension spring maintains the requisite ground pressure to keep the tools working at the correct working depth. The depth control wheel allows the working depth of the tools to be steplessly adjusted to a wide range of settings. Optional underframe clearance of 50, 60 or 70 cm.

LEMKEN EC-Weeder Basic Element

Particularly suitable for heavy soils and high loads with rowspacings of 50 to 100 cm. The underframe clearance is 70 cm, and the depth adjustment is made via a screw. The TRS element is particularly robust and can have up to five hoeing tools attached via the tool holder.

LEMKEN EC-Weeder TRS-Element

Combi element – the all-rounder

The Combi element is suitable for medium and heavy soils with row spacings of 20 to 80 cm. It comes with a maintenance-free parallelogram supported by a ball bearing as standard.

  • Frame height is 70 cm, also suitable for larger crops
  • Short version with one holder with up to three blades
  • Long version with up to five knives.
  • Depth control wheel with stepless adjustment of the working depth using a scale
LEMKEN EC-Weeder Combi Element

EC-Space, the toolless option for adjusting hoeing knives, makes it easy to adapt hoeing tools to the size of the individual crop and shortens set-up times. It allows tools to be steplessly adjusted manually via a screw, which is operated via a manual crank to move the tool holder. The adjusted distance can be easily read from the integrated scale and transferred onto the remaining elements. EC-Space is particularly economical for farms with very heterogeneous fields or in situations where there are frequent changes between fields sowed or planted at different times.

Various hydraulic functions are available for the Combi element to optimise the turning process and minimise hoeing losses:

  1. Hydraulic pressure adjustment via a double acting spool valve.  The pressure can be adjusted between 0 and 50 kg so that a convincing hoeing result is achieved even with heavily encrusted soils.
  2. Hydraulic lifting via LS or oil circulation control, control via IC-Light or CCI Terminal
  3. Hydraulic lifting and pressure adjustment via LS or oil circulation control, control via IC-Light or CCI Terminal

  • The IC-Light terminal enables manual lifting and pressure control of the Combi elements
  • Ability to raise / lower elements from the left, from the right or from a previously selected element (e.g. section 4)
  • Up to 26 elements

It is controlled automatically via the Section Control application using an ISOBUS standard-certified terminal, e.g. the LEMKEN CCI 800 / CCI 1200.

  • 8” or 12” touchscreen
  • Up to two ISOBUS machines at the same time
  • MaxiView function or split screen
  • Automatic Section Control of elements via ISOBUS in combination with a GPS receiver and CCI Command SC|


If fields have pointed edges at the headland or if edge strips need to be left out, the parallelograms of the hoeing elements can be lifted individually manually or using Section Control. Crops are therefore reliably protected against damage. This function additionally helps to minimise overlaps and gaps and therefore increases efficiency. Moreover, automatic lifting via Section Control with GPS relieves the driver and allows them to work without getting fatigued.


The hoeing elements can be adapted to individual conditions using a variety of tools.

More about the tools

Well controlled

The EC-Weeder in the V version or in combination with the separate EC-Steer steering frame can be steered in various ways.

For overriding the camera steering signal or for general control of hoeing machines not equipped with a camera system

LEMKEN EC-Weeder manuelle Lenkung

  • Precise steering even at late growth stages and with tall crops
  • Requires strong crop plants
LEMKEN EC-Weeder Reihentaster

Automatic control via IC-Light camera system

The IC-Light automatic camera control system enables precise and fatigue-free hoeing day and night on the basis of camera images processed by the terminal and job computer.

The IC-Light camera system on the steering frame of the EC-Weeder V or on the EC-Steer consists of a camera, work lights, joystick and terminal. One camera recognises up to five rows of plants and enables:

  • Hoeing as close as 2 cm to crop plants
  • Forward speeds of up to 15 km/h

More about IC-Light camera control

The right EC-Weeder for all applications

The EC-Weeder can be individually equipped with hoeing elements and tools to suit the site, and the IC-Light camera control system provides a steering system that is not only precise, but also enables stress-free and convenient care work. Working in  3 beds is just as possible as the combination with SprayHub  and SprayKit for band spraying or fertilising.

We have put together some sample configurations for the crops maize, sugar beet, cereals, lettuce, onions and soya so that you can get an idea of the possible applications:

Hoeing in beds

The 3-bed version of the EC-Weeder is also precisely matched to your crop and cultivation method. A longer element in the track or in the areas next to the beds respectively ensures reliable, full-surface cultivation. The 3-bed implement is also available with independent control for even greater precision. Each bed is hoed individually thanks to three cameras and three parallel steering frames – regardless of whether the crop was planted in a 3-bed or a 1-bed system. This allows beds to be tilled regardless of the planting or seeding method used.

For even healthier crops

With our application technology for liquids, consisting of the SprayHub front tank and the SprayKit application unit, we have extended the range of applications of the EC-Weeder to include the option of band spraying in the row or the application of liquid fertiliser.

More about application technology


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