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A clean plough furrow - a prerequisite for safe and high yields

The use of ploughs is gaining more and more importance in arable farming as the use of crop care products is being reduced. For many farmers, ploughs are the first choice, above all as an alternative to the use of total herbicides and as a means to control herbicide resistant weeds.

LEMKEN ploughs are available in numerous versions and with quadruple or variable working width adjustment. With extensive equipment, they can be adapted to all individual conditions. Many models are also suitable for onland use with wide tyres to protect the soil.

The advantages of ploughing

  • Controls weeds
  • Breaks the transmission chain of infectious diseases caused by pests
  • Reduces pest populations (mice, slugs...) and associated damage
  • Incorporates organic matter
  • Aerates the soil to promote the gas exchange necessary for the mineralisation of organic matter
  • Perfectly levels the surface horizon

Mounted ploughs

On any soil at home

Thanks to a wide range of equipment features and variants, LEMKEN mounted ploughs are the optimum implement for basic soil cultivation with working widths of 3-7 furrows.

Mounted ploughs
Mounted ploughs

Semi-mounted ploughs

Particularly economical and efficient

Highest acreage outputs can be achieved with the 5-13 furrow LEMKEN semi-mounted ploughs. All semi-mounted ploughs are also available as Onland versions and can therefore also be used with tracks or dual wheel tractors.

Semi-mounted ploughs
Semi-mounted reversible ploughs

Working width adjustment

All LEMKEN ploughs are available with four working widths or as V-version with stepless working width adjustment via a double-acting hydraulic ram.

  • The adjustment brackets securely bolted to the frame provide great strength, reliability, and high fitting accuracy.
  • When the central bolt has been loosened, four working widths can be set between 30 and 50 cm.
  • Skimmers and disc coulters are adjusted automatically as a new furrow width is set.

  • The main bearing pin of the swivel bracket is fitted with tension bushings and is braced with the frame plates against rotation.
  • The swivel bracket features permanently braced flange bushings. The two telescopic bushings for adjustment of the cutting width guarantee a long service life.
  • When worn, each part can be replaced separately.

  • The frame plates which support the swivel brackets are bolted to the frame. This ensures great stability, high endurance strength and high fitting accuracy.
  • The pivot of the Juwel M V swivel brackets supported next to the frame is situated close to the body. As a result, the bearings and components are exposed to reduced loads.
  • All bearings have wear-resistant bushes, hardened pins, and can be lubricated.

Onland ploughing

Onland operation protects the soil. Many LEMKEN ploughs are suitable for it.

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Onland pflügen mit dem Juwel

Make the plough smart with iQblue connect

The intelligent "iQblue connect" add-on module can control the working width of the plough when combined with a TIM-certified tractor. The system transmits implement data on the plough’s GPS position and current working width to the TIM to enable the hydraulic control unit on the tractor to automatically control the cylinder for the plough’s working width. This ensures that the plough always produces a precise and straight furrow. At the same time it also allows operators to plough towards a target furrow, vastly increasing the efficiency when ploughing wedge-shaped fields.

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iQblue connect Schaubild: Intelligent pflügen