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Azurit 10

  • Precision drill with 8 rows
  • Central 600 litre seed hopper
  • Sowing with the DeltaRow method

More space for higher yields

The Azurit 10 precision seeder is suitable for sowing maize, sunflowers, sorghum and soya. It combines the advantages of a central seed hopper with a separating unit located directly above the seed placement. It places the seed using the DeltaRow method and thus ensures up to 8% higher yields than conventional single row sowing.

The ISOBUS-controlled machine can be optimised with numerous equipment options. Fertiliser can be applied using a combined micro-granular spreader or in various machine combinations for under-root fertilisation.

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Azurit 10 - The expert explains

The concept

The DeltaRow comprises two staggered twin rows arranged at a distance of 12.5 cm. Precise placement in a triangular seeding pattern is ensured by synchronising the twin rows.

Compared to single rows, DeltaRows offer 70% more surface area and therefore more water, nutrients and light for each plant. More advantages


  • Rapid row closure during juvenile development
  • Better weed suppression during juvenile development
  • A plant distribution that helps prevent erosion
  • Better root growth and better biomass development

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In the version with underfoot fertilisation, the fertiliser band is placed inside the DeltaRow in the root zone. This is why the Azurit 10's sowing unit is symmetrical. The fertiliser can thus be optimally utilised by the plants.

No difference in the harvest. Crops can be harvested using conventional technology. The harvest can be easily brought in with a forage harvester or combine harvester. This applies to both row-dependent and row-independent combine
. As a result, full harvesting flexibility is maintained.

What are the advantages of sowing in the DeltaRow with the Azrit compared to conventional single-row sowing? A practical trial in cooperation with Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences shows the results.

Practical trial

Technology in detail

The Azurit 10 impresses with many practical details that make sowing efficient and time-saving.

The central 600-litre seed hopper makes for straightforward seed logistics. The hopper is easily accessible via wide, safe steps and access grilles. Seed residue can be emptied easily and centrally via a start button directly on the seed hopper.

Each metering unit is driven by a separate electric motor. Positive pressure in the system conveys seeds from the metering unit to the seed row via a seeding shaft. Two optical sensors monitor the accuracy of seed metering.

Seeds are metered by two perforated discs arranged offset to each other. The fixed connection between the two seed discs ensures synchronisation within the DeltaRow. The low peripheral speeds of the perforated discs guarantee excellent singling quality. Various perforated discs are available for maize, soybeans, sorghum and sunflowers.

Seeds in the metering unit can be easily drained via the discharge flap. It is therefore quick and easy to switch between different types of seeds.

Each metering unit only holds a small amount of seeds. The continuous, automatic supply of seeds from the central hopper is sensor-controlled. A metering auger feeds the seeds from the hopper into the air stream and then on to the seed metering units.

Convenient operation

MegaSeed is the ISOBUS-based control concept for the Azurit 10 precision seed drill. Thanks to the uniform LEMKEN design, drivers quickly find their way around.

Logical and intuitive

Using the layout manager, the user interfaces can be freely configured and saved in up to four driver profiles. The system is controlled either via the LEMKEN CCI-1200 terminal or any universal ISOBUS terminal.

Rapid assistance

The information menu gives access to various diagnostic options. In the event of a fault, the new diagnostic system guides the driver directly to the source of the fault and assists them in rectifying it.

Separate section control

MultiBoom supports automatic, separate section control for fertiliser and seeds to prevent overlaps. It is also possible to work through two application maps in parallel, so that seeds and fertiliser are only applied where they can be used efficiently.

Tramlines without losses

For the creation of tramlines the number of plants sown per hectare does not need to be reduced! The crop density therefore remains the same. Tramlines can be flexibly switched on all seeding units of the Azurit 10. Tramline widths of up to 87.5 cm can be achieved by deactivating individual twin rows. The ability to deactivate half or full DeltaRows provides great flexibility in terms of tramline widths.

The MegaSeed control makes it a breeze to set the required tramline rhythm. All you need to do is enter the treatment width, track width and tyre width of the tractor, and the required rhythm is calculated automatically. This allows almost any tramline rhythm to be implemented.

The flexible tramline control makes it possible to drive over the areas during fertilisation and plant protection measures with soil-friendly tyres up to 87.5 cm wide. Automatic GPS-controlled tramline control is available.

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Always well fertilised

Fertiliser can be applied using a combined micro-granular spreader or as under-foot fertilisation. Various combination options from the LEMKEN product range are available for the fertiliser supply of the Azurit 10.

MicroHub microgranule unit

The electrically driven micro-granulate unit with a volume of 200 litres is easily accessible via a ladder in the rear of the machine. The air flow from the Azurit conveys the micro-granulate to the distributor via a metering unit. It is then deposited together with the seed in the respective DeltaRow. The stainless steel metering shaft enables application rates of between 5 and 40 kg per hectare at a forward speed of up to 15 km/h. A fill level sensor indicates the current granule quantity. The micro-granule unit is calibrated and controlled via the MegaSeed control system.of the Azurit 10.


LEMKEN Azurit mit Microhub

The advantages of microgranules

  • Water-soluble nutrients are very quickly available to plants,
  • Particularly good juvenile plant development, especially in dry and cold springs.
  • A comparatively small quantity of microgranules is sufficient to cover the initial plant requirements.

Possible combinations for underfoot fertilisation

The Azurit 10 precision seeder can be combined in a variety of ways for fertiliser storage, with and without seedbed preparation:

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Brochure Azurit 10


Download all information about the Azurit 10.

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Download all information about the Azurit 10.