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Next Level Farming LEMKEN

As "YOUR PARTNER FOR NEXT LEVEL FARMING", LEMKEN wants to contribute to the development towards sustainable agriculture with its proven innovative ideas as an agrovision company.

To realise the vision, we have to live the journey. This means leaving our comfort zone - agricultural technology - to focus on additional areas. We do this with our farmers and for our farmers. This is the only way to ensure that we can continue to supply the population in the future while maximising the protection of resources.

Next Level Farming is LEMKEN's approach with long-term benefits for agriculture, which aims to

  • improving the health and fertility of soils,
  • promoting biodiversity and
  • restoring and maintaining ecosystems

The aim is to develop site-appropriate agricultural methods that aim to reduce the impact on the soil and the environment. In addition to ecological goals, LEMKEN also focuses on economic success. With this holistic approach, we want to make a decisive contribution to making farms fit for the future.

The focus should be on the result and not on the measures that lead to the result.  LEMKEN is currently working intensively on the topics of resource protection, water management, processes & autonomy, digitalisation as well as research & consulting.

Resource protection

Resource conservation in the agricultural sector requires a comprehensive approach that considers all relevant

  • environmental
  • social and
  • financial

aspects in order to ensure sustainable food production and food security for the global population and to protect the environment for generations to come.

Ressourcenschutz LEMKEN Next Level Farming

Water management

A sustainable use of water in the agricultural sector not only helps to ensure food production, but it also helps to protect the environment and conserve water for future generations.

Water management in the agricultural sector is a process that must be adapted to the changing environmental conditions brought about by climate change.

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Processes & Autonomy

Production processes in the agricultural sector vary depending on the geographical location, environmental conditions and cultivation methods used. The goal for many farmers that have the latest machinery and technology is to implement data networking in order to obtain new possibilities for controlling and optimising their production processes.

Automation and autonomy contribute to progress, are fundamental components of this development and help to increase efficiency.

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When it comes to digitalisation, there are many challenges that must be overcome such as increasing access to technology in rural areas, tackling data protection issues and raising awareness of new technologies.

Digitalisation offers many advantages for the agricultural sector:

  • greater productivity
  • a more efficient use of resources
  • better quality of agricultural products
  • an improved adaptability to changing environmental conditions.


Digitalisierung LEMKEN next level farming

Research & Consulting

Research and consulting have a mutual relationship and can be used together to help the agricultural sector develop further and to help farmers face the challenges of modern farming.

By combining scientific knowledge and practical expertise, agricultural productivity can be increased, the environmental effects reduced and agriculture made more sustainable. Another crucial part of this is educating society about the different fields of activity in the agricultural sector.

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