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Solitair 23+

  • Nominal hopper volume from: 1 900 L
  • Seeding or fertilising
Solitair 23+ in action
Solitair 23+ in the field
Solitair 23+ in action front view
Solitair 23+ transport

More versatility in sowing and fertilising

The Solitair 23+ front tank can be used for sowing or fertilising and can be combined with various LEMKEN seed drills such as the Azurit precision planter for fertilising or the Optidisc 25 coulter bar for sowing.

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Advantages of Solitair 23+

  • It can be used for under-root fertilisation with the Azurit precision seed drill or combined with the OptiDisc 25 coulter bar as a seed hopper.
  • The Solitair 23+ is designed as an injector tank. It can optionally be fitted with a pressure system to ensure that seeds or fertiliser are dosed reliably at rates of up to 500 kg per hectare even across long conveyor distances and at high forward speeds.
  • Its management is based on the LEMKEN MegaDrill operating system. This can be configured from an ISOBUS terminal to manage seeding and fertilisation in the most efficient way possible to help you reduce costs and maximise profitability.
  • Electrical width section control avoids overlap and thus saves costs for fertiliser and seeds.
  • In keeping with the design of the entire product family, the plastic Solitair 23+ tank has a low profile, despite its large capacity of 1 900 litres, to ensure good visibility.
  • The Solitair 23+ can optionally be equipped with a front tyre packer or modular case weights.

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Technical data

Solitair 23/1900
Weight (kg) 740
Article number 750 5403
Tank capacity (litres) 1 900

Basic equipment

  • Electronic front tank control MegaDrill with preparation for operation with any ISOBUS terminal 
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Mounting to front hydraulics, lower link attachment Cat. 3N=L2 Z3 (or Cat. 2)
  • Roll tarp cover
  • Underrun protection
  • 4 precision meters, 2 width sections 
  • Delivery rate (fertilizer): max. 130 kg/ha at 15 km/h; max. 250 kg/ha at 8 km/h
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Seeds metering wheel set
  • Hose to the combination implement routed underneath the tractor
  • Width sections electrically remote-controlled
  • Calibration tank
  • Lifting signal mechanical
  • Stands
  • Without lighting equipment

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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