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Executive Management

Leading by teamwork

LEMKEN’s corporate decision-making processes are characterised by transparency and prudence. This ensures that our business processes remain flexible and efficient.

Nicola Lemken, seventh generation, company owner and board member ensures that our business remains anchored in family traditions and retains its independence. Anthony van der Ley, our CEO, bears responsibility for our operative business.


Nicola Lemken - Partner

Viktor Lemken - Partner

Anthony van der Ley - CEO/Speaker of the Management Board

Burkhard Sagemüller - Chief R & D

Dr. Geoffery Weisner - CFO

Udo Otrzonsek - COO

B. Sagemüller, A. van der Ley, Dr. G. Weisner, V. Lemken, N. Lemken, U. Otrzonsek

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