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Solitair DT

  • Working width from 4 m to 9 m
  • Container volume from 3,400 L to 5,100 L
  • Transport speed up to 40 km/h
Solitair DT Bestellkombination
Solitair DT in action
Solitair DT in action
Solitair DT in action
Solitair DT auf der Straße

Efficient & light-weight

Incredibly easy to tow, integrated compact disc harrow, comfortable operation and a large, optionally divided seed hopper – that is LEMKEN’s new Solitair DT seed drill, available in working widths of 4 and 6 metres.

Greatest possible efficiency with up to nine metres working width and maximum precision – these were the maxims set for designing the Solitair DT. The result is a drill combination with truly impressive performance: lighter, more efficient, better.

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Solitair DT highlights

Solitair DT highlights
Solitair DT zuverlässig einebnen

Preparation is everything

Reliable levelling

The wheelmark eradicator tools remove the tractor wheelmarks. The optional leading tyre packer additionally produces crumbled soil ahead of the disc section. The tyre packer can be replaced by a levelling tine section to level the ground evenly.

Can be optimally adjusted to the tyre width and penetration depth, regardless of the working depth of the Heliodor section. The iQ drill control with integrated headland management takes care of the raising and lowering processes at the headland.

Solitair DT Spurlockerungsscheiben

For crumbling and levelling the seedbed and for reconsolidation ahead of the disc section.

Solitair DT Planierzinken Frontreifenpacker

Reliably level any unevenness when used on ploughed land and can be easily adjusted from the tractor seat. For the best possible work results, the levelling tines can be used in grade or drag position.

Solitair DT spring-mounted levelling tines
Solitair DT optimale Saatbettbereitung

Always the right option

Optimal seedbed preparation

The integrated Heliodor compact disc harrow leaves an evenly loosened, finely crumbly, level seedbed. Corrugated discs are optionally available for less intensive seedbed preparation.

For precise depth control each disc is individually attached to the frame via leaf springs for precise depth control. Unlike commonly used rubber buffers, leaf springs guarantee that the discs have significantly higher track stability during operation. Optionally, these are also available with hydraulic adjustment.

With a diameter of 465 mm and a thickness of 5 mm, these ensure good penetration into the soil, even in the most difficult conditions.

Solitair DT notched concave discs

For less intensive soil mixing, the 22-mm corrugated discs have a waveform shape. These discs are particularly suitable where the germination of weeds is to be suppressed. In dry regions, corrugated discs allow water- saving seedbed preparation because only the area in front of the seeding coulters is loosened. The use of corrugated discs reduces tractive force requirements even further.

Solitair DT low-draft corrugated discs

The high-quality axial angular ball bearings ensure lasting, flawless function of the discs. The bearings are completely encapsulated so that no dirt can penetrate.

Solitair DT wartungsfreie Scheibenlagerung
Solitair DT fertilizer distribution result rape

A better start for your crops

Precise fertiliser placement

The fertiliser coulter bar can be attached in front of the tyre packer roller on request. Fertiliser is precisely placed at the desired depth between two rows of seeds with up to 150 kg share pressure via the double disc coulters.

The Solitair DT can be used for seeding with fertilisation or for sowing different seeds. The catch crop/granulate spreader MultiHub can be fully integrated into the user interface as an additional seeding line and enables the placement of a third component. The two variants single-shot and double-shot are available.

The fertiliser coulter bar is located in front of the tyre packer roller. Fertiliser is precisely placed at the desired depth with up to 150 kg share pressure via the double disc coulters (400 mm diameter). The depth at which the fertiliser is placed is adjusted via clips on the hydraulic cylinder. When seeding without under-root fertilisation, the fertiliser bar remains in the elevated position in order to protect the fertiliser coulters against wear.

Flexible adjustment: For optimal placement of two different types of seeds or for simultaneous inter-row fertilisation, the drilling depth can be adjusted via the fertiliser coulter bar.

Single-shot: The fertiliser and seeds or two types of seeds are placed in a shared seed furrow.

Solitair DT Single-Shot

The double-shot version places the fertiliser or second type of seeds in a line below the seedbed via separate double disc coulters.

Solitair DT Double Shot
Solitair DT Rückverfestigung

Prepares the bed for your seeds

Optimal reconsolidation

The tyre packer roller not only serves a transport function but also ensures that the entire seedbed is reconsolidated evenly. A trapeze packer roller can be optionally used for row preconsolidation.

The generously dimensioned tyre packer roller with a 90-cm diameter ensures even reconsolidation across the full seedbed. The staggered arrangement of the individual wheels additionally leads to better self-cleaning and ensures good sowing, even in wet conditions.

Solitair DT preconsolidation of seed rows

With an additional harrow between the tyre packer roller and the seeding coulters, the seedbed can be optimally levelled.

Solitair DT optimale Einebnung

As an alternative to a harrow, a trapeze packer roller (420 mm diameter) can be added to the Solitair DT to obtain a defined pre-consolidation of rows directly in front of the OptiDisc double disc coulters. The roller improves both the smooth operation of the seeding coulters and the soil contact of seeds.

Solitair DT Vorverfestigung der Reihen
Solitair DT precise seeding

Precise seeding

The maintenance-free parallelogramguided double disc coulter with trailing depth control roller in the OptiDisc coulter bar guarantees precise seed placement and even coverage height. This creates optimal conditions for even field emergence – even at high forward speeds.

The Solitair DT is equipped with the maintenance-free OptiDisc coulter bar. This bar boasts parallelogram-controlled double disc coulters and trailing depth control rollers.

Seeds are pressed into the soil by the depth control roller to ensure even, rapid field emergence. Both coulter pressure and seed depth can be adjusted independently of each other. This ensures that seeds are always placed at exactly the same depth, even at high forward speeds and in changing soils.

The coulter system is available in a hydraulic version (up to 70 kg coulter pressure) and a mechanical version (up to 45 kg coulter pressure). The row spacing is optionally 12.5 cm or 16.7 cm.

Solitair DT a well thought-out coulter system

Four distribution heads positioned directly above the coulter bar ensure superior transverse distribution.(Image1: Distributor in sowing mode).


An integrated hydraulic tramline mechanism is optionally available for the OptiDisc (image 2: distributor with switches tramlines). The symmetrical distribution of the seed tubes in tramline mode ensures that no seeds need to be returned. The seed rate is automatically reduced when the tramline is switched. The easy exchange of the distributor cartridges enables quick adaptation to a wide variety of tramline systems. This increases flexibility – especially when working across farms.

Solitair DT filling

Convenient filling

Whether straight from a big bag or from a front loader bucket – filling the Solitair DT is as straightforward as it gets. Never lose even a single grain or granule again!

Single tank
Tank volume: 3,400 litres
Width: 4 metres

Solitair DT single tank 3400 litres

Single tank
Tank volume: 4,400 litres
Width: 6 metres

Solitair DT single tank 4400 litres

Divided tank
Tank volume: 4,100 litres
Width: 4 metres

Solitair DT divided tank 4100 litres

Divided tank
Tank volume: 5,100 litres
Width: 6 metres

Solitair DT divided tank 5100 litres
Solitair DT the right dose for every distributor aerial view

Precise metering

The Solitair DT offers, among other things, individually electrically driven and fertilizer-proof metering units and the tool-free change of seed wheel sets.

Whether for calibration testing, adjustment or cleaning – the corrosion-resistant metering system is easily accessible.

Metering is 100% fertiliser-compatible. The tool-free seed wheel change allows a fast switching between different seeds.

Solitair DT ergonomic access

This allows width section control even in the basic version. Automatic width section control is optionally available.

Solitair DT the right dose for every distributor

The speed signal for metering can be from either a radar sensor on the drawbar or the speed signal of the tractor.

Solitair DT speed signal
Solitair DT iQblue

iQblue - the digital world of LEMKEN

Control concept iQblue drill

iQblue’s digital solutions make your field work more efficient and speed up your office work. This leaves you more time for everything you really enjoy!

iQ drill is the ISOBUS-based control concept for the Solitair DT. Thanks to the uniform LEMKEN design, drivers quickly find their way around.

MultiBoom supports automatic, separate width section control for fertiliser and seeds. This prevents overlaps. It is also possible to work through two application maps in parallel, so that seeds and fertiliser are only applied where they can be used efficiently.

Solitair DT Megadrill Monitor

Using the layout manager, the user interfaces can be freely configured and saved in up to four driver profiles. The system is controlled either via a LEMKEN CCI-1200 terminal or via any universal ISOBUS terminal.

Solitair DT Megadrill Monitor

The information menu gives access to various diagnostic options. The new diagnostics system guides operators directly to the source of any errors in case of disruptions and assists them in troubleshooting.

Solitair DT Megadrill Monitor

Operation via app

The iQblue Go app brings the operation of the Solitair DT to your mobile device. In addition to all machine information live on the dashboard, the calibration test and residual emptying can be controlled remotely. Fill level data enables the timely delivery of seed or fertiliser. The tramline configurator can be used to create tramline profiles and transfer them to the machine, making tramline tables superfluous.

More information about iQblue Go


iQblue Go App on the tablet
Solitair DT Straßentransport

Always a good drive!

A giant in the field, safe and agile on the road. The tyres of the Solitair DT run without hydraulic counterpressure and therefore ensure stable handling in all road conditions and at speeds of up to 40 km/h.

No matter the time

The powerful lighting of the Solitair DT provides an optimal view for careful drilling even at night. Lighting is also optionally available for the metering area.

Solitair DT lighting
Solitair DT Optionen

Adapted to your needs

Your needs really matter to us. The Solitair DT has many other optional details that make your work easier.

For good levelling and coverage of seeds, the levelling harrow and single harrow, which can be adjusted without tools, perfectly complement the double disc coulters. The S levelling harrow is adjusted via a pin, which allows the harrow height and harrow pressure to be adjusted independently of each other. The harrow can additionally be fitted with hydraulic lifting to facilitate transport and precision cultivation. The single harrow reliably covers two seed rows and therefore adapts to a wide range of conditions.

Solitair DT Striegel

The Solitair DT is optionally available with a pre-emergence marker to mark the tramline as it is created. This marker is automatically lowered when a tramline is created. Hydraulic

Solitair DT Vorauflaufmarkierung

The hydraulic track markers are centrally located and always in the driver’s field of vision.

Solitair DT hydraulic track markers

The tank is conveniently drained via a drainage valve on the side of the machine.

Solitair DT Tankentleerung

The speed of the hydraulically driven fan is infinitely variable and is achieved even at low tractor engine speeds. The oil requirement is only 30 l/min. Variations in the tractor engine speed do not affect the speed of the fan to ensure the consistent, even delivery of seeds.

Solitair DT hydraulic fan

The Solitair DT features a long drawbar for maximum manoeuvrability when working with wide rear wheels or twin tyres. This allows a steering angle of up to 90 degrees, even with a maximum outside tractor width of 4 m.

Solitair DT long drawbar

Choose a model

Technical data

Solitair DT/400 OptiDisc M 125 Solitair DT/400 OptiDisc M 167 Solitair DT/400 OptiDisc H 125 Solitair DT/400 OptiDisc H 167
Working width (m) 4 4 4 4
Power requirements (hp) from - to 140 - 240 140 - 240 140 -240 140 - 240
Power requirements (kW) from - to 103 - 176 103 - 176 103 - 176 103 - 176
Weight (kg) 5.208 5.080 5.483 5.355
Tank capacity (litres) 3.400 3.400 3.400 3.400
Row spacing (mm) 125 167 125 167
Number of seed coulters 32 24 32 24
Transport width (m) 3 3 3 3
Transport height (m) 3,57 3,57 3,57 3,57
Length 8,7 8,7 8,7 8,7
Axle load 5.240 5.240 5.240 5.240
Nose weight 840 840 840 840
Filling opening single tank 2,23 x 0,8 2,23 x 0,8 2,23 x 0,8 2,23 x 0,8
Filling opening double tank 2 x 1,07 x 0,8 2 x 1,07 x 0,8 2 x 1,07 x 0,8 2 x 1,07 x 0,8
Filling level 2,95 2,95 2,95 2,95
Filling level double tank 2,95 2,95 2,95 2,95
Number of coulters 16 12 16 12
Coulter pressure coulters bis max. 150 bis max. 150 bis max. 150 bis max. 150
Coulter pressure OptiDisc M bis zu 45 bis zu 45
Tirepacker 90 90 90 90
Power Requirement ab 160 PS ab 160 PS ab 160 PS ab 160 PS
DW control units ab 2 ab 2 ab 2 ab 2
Pressureless return 1 1 1 1
Amount of oil in hydraulic fan ca. 30 l / min ca. 30 l / min ca. 30 l / min ca. 30 l / min
Implement attachment lower link K Kat. 3 / 4 Kat. 3 / 4 Kat. 3 / 4 Kat. 3 / 4
Implement attachment drawbar Bolzen Ø 40 – 50 mm Bolzen Ø 40 – 50 mm Bolzen Ø 40 – 50 mm Bolzen Ø 40 – 50 mm
Implement attachment ball head K 80 K 80 K 80 K 80
Coulter pressure OptiDisc H bis zu 70 bis zu 70

Basic equipment

  • Lower link attachment Cat. 3N=L2 Z3 (or Cat. 3, Cat. 4N=L3 Z4, Cat. 4 or with drawbar eye, drawbar eye and ball joint or coupling head)
  • Working section with notched concave discs, Ø 465 mm, two rows (optional with undulated discs)
  • Tyre packer roller 420/55-17, 910 mm, with integrated soil adaptation
  • Sequence control
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Preparation for operation with any ISOBUS Terminal (ISOBUS Terminal not included)
  • Maintenance-free double disc coulters OptiDisc M (up to 45 kg coulter pressure per coulter) or OptiDisc H (up to 70 kg coulter pressure per coulter)
  • Hopper with distributors located outside
  • Roll tarp cover
  • Hopper sieve
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Electrically driven metering shaft
  • Two metering wheel sets per distribution line freely selectable (2x4 units for single hopper, 4x4 units for double hopper)
  • 90° turning angle
  • Lighting equipment Europe

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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