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Juwel 8

  • For tractors from 90 - 333 hp
  • From 3 to 7 furrows
  • Body spacing 90, 100 and 120 cm
Anbaudrehpflug Juwel 8 von LEMKEN
Juwel 8 slatted mouldboard
Anbaudrehpflug Juwel 8 von LEMKEN Luftbild
Anbaudrehpflug Juwel 8 von LEMKEN Seitenbild
Anbaudrehpflug Juwel 8 von LEMKEN

The particularly versatile plough

The 3 - 7 furrow Juwel 8 impresses with a wide range of variants and available options. Like the Juwel 10, it is available with OF equipment for onland or in-furrow ploughing. The Juwel 8i has ISOBUS control and is therefore particularly easy to operate.

Anbaudrehpflug Juwel 8 von LEMKEN Seitenbild

Maximum operating comfort with ISOBUS: Juwel 8i

The iQ plough control brings ISOBUS ease of use to the Juwel 8i.

The following functions are controlled as standard on the Juwel 8 i via the CCI terminal or the tractor's ISOBUS system: plough rotation, front furrow width, pitch, working width, working depth adjustment via the hydraulic support wheel, independent setting of the onland offset for onland ploughs

Also available as an option: Operation of a furrow press, adjustment of the OptiStone overload protection, automatic plough turning

Juwel 8i in action

  • The operable functions can be combined, stored and called up in up to four different scenarios. For a shallow last furrow, for example, a scenario is called up with a modified pitch and a flatter support wheel setting.
  • The user guidance on the display is intuitive and clear.
  • The integration of operating elements according to the ISOBUS standard IL4, such as joysticks or multifunction handles, can further increase operating comfort.
Juwel 8i operation isobus

  • A GPS-controlled working width adjustment is available with a CCI terminal. It enables ploughing with an exactly straight furrow or working to a target furrow, for example, to avoid another headland. It is possible to calculate the working width settings to achieve the target contour.
  • An automatic towing arm control for ploughing with furrow press is available
  • The large CCI-1200 terminal with 12.1" widescreen display provides the optimum overview of the working process by displaying and operating several functions.
Juwel 8i operation CCI1200 working width

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