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Semi mounted ploughs

Semi-mounted reversible plough

Maximum safety and efficiency

The demands placed on modern semi-mounted ploughs are becoming ever greater as a result of constantly growing farming businesses. Individual influencing factors such as yield potential, rainfall as well as different crop rotations mean that farm managers are dependent on particularly powerful ploughing technology.

Handling, work quality and increased productivity play an important role here, which the LEMKEN Diamant 16 and Titan 18 semi-mounted ploughs fulfil perfectly.

The advantages of semi-mounted ploughs

  • Working widths from 5 to 13 furrows
  • High area output
  • Onland ploughing
  • Easy road transport
  • High transport speed
  • Low lifting power requirement

Semi-mounted ploughs with adjustment system

The Diamant 16 semi-mounted ploughs with their large main bearings are designed for tractors from 150 hp and are available in 5-9 furrow versions. With OptiLine, they have the first and only adjustment system for semi-mounted ploughs that allows ploughing without side draft. This saves up to 10 % fuel.

Diamant 16

The supreme class of ploughing

With 9 - 13 furrows and working widths up to 7.15 m, the Titan 18 is the most powerful plough in the LEMKEN range. It is specially designed for onland use, as the larger tractors required are usually equipped with wide tyres, twin wheels or crawler tracks that do not have enough space in the furrow.

The particularly high efficiency and operating comfort of the Titan 18 can be further enhanced by the use of GPS track guidance systems.

Titan 18
Titan 18 transport on the street



Semi mounted ploughs
Diamant 16 & Titan 18
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Semi mounted ploughs
Diamant 16 & Titan 18
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