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The right porosity after ploughing

Immediately behind the plough, and thus at the most favourable moment and in the optimum moisture state, the soil is reconsolidated at the depth of the crock and coarse clods are broken up.

The formation of fermentation is promoted and drying is prevented.

Always firmly connected

Integrated furrow presses

The integrated packers are permanently connected to the plough. This makes them a simple and time-saving solution for good reconsolidation, as they do not have to be transported separately to the field.

Integrierte Packer

Furrow press

Effective on any soil

The VarioPack furrow press is the all-rounder among the LEMKEN plough packers with different variants, different ring profiles and diameters and variable working widths.

Wechsel Untergrundpacker

Front furrow press

For the best seed bed

Der VarioPack Frontpacker sorgt für eine gute Rückverfestigung und die Zerkleinerung grober Kluten bei der Aussaat. Die Traktorräder sinken nur noch minimal ein und die anschließende Saatbettbereitung wird wesentlich erleichtert.

The VarioPack front packer ensures good reconsolidation and the crushing of coarse clods during sowing. The tractor wheels sink in only minimally and the subsequent seedbed preparation is made much easier.




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