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Overload protection

Juwel 10 overload safety device Optistone

Failure-free operation under any condition

All LEMKEN overload protection systems protect against damage when the share point encounters an obstacle.


Shear-off protection as standard

All LEMKEN ploughs feature double-cut shearoff protection with a shear bolt as standard. The shear bolt additionally protects the plough against damage if the system becomes trapped under rocks or roots.

Shearing protection

Mechanical overload safety device

The mechanical overload safety device ensures with high trigger and re-entry forces that the system is triggered softly and smoothly whenever an obstacle is encountered.

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Juwel 7 mechanical overload safety device

Hydraulic overload protection OptiStone

The OptiStone overload element is easily able to deflect vertically up to 37 cm and horizontally up to 20 cm at the same time. It is available for the Juwel M 7-10 mounted ploughs and all semi-mounted ploughs.

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Juwel Optistone