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Mounted ploughs

LEMKEN mounted reversible plough

Mounted ploughs for all conditions: Juwel

The Juwel ploughs have extensive features and versatile equipment allowing each farmer and contractor to tailor the specification to his individual requirements. This includes numerous options for choosing interbody and underframe clearance, stepped and continuously variable options for adjusting working width, and mechanical or hydraulic overload protection systems.

Advantages of mounted ploughs

  • Lower capital investment than semi-mounted plough
  • Use of tractor draft control
  • Weight transfer from the plough to the tractor
  • Good traction while ploughing
  • Easy, known headland handling

The right Juwel mounted reversible plough for all requirements

  • The light Juwel 6 for tractors from 50 - 130 hp
  • The easy to pull Juwel 7 for tractors from 70-200 hp
  • The versatile Juwel 8 for tractors from 90 - 315 hp
  • The Juwel 10 for heavy conditions and tractors from 150-450 hp
Anbaudrehpflug Juwel

Ploughing without side draft

The tried and tested LEMKEN Optiquick adjustment system enables quick and easy adjustment of the front furrow width and pull line.

Juwel Optiquick

Wheels for all demands

The pendulum and uni-wheels with hydraulic damping or adjustment allow a lot of space when turning.

More about wheels for mounted ploughs
Juwel turning the wheel

Variable working widths, many advantages: Juwel MV

To achieve the required working effect depending on the type of soil, moisture conditions, and whether a seedbed or winter furrow is required, the working width of the Juwel M V can be simply, quickly and steplessly adjusted during work.

  • Hydraulic working width adjustment as standard using a double-acting hydraulic cylinder
  • Working widths from 30 to 60 cm per body
  • All bodies and the depth wheel are automatically adjusted
  • Simplifies the ploughing of wedge-shaped pieces of land, curved headlands, and around poles and trees.
Juwel 6 M V in the field

The narrow seed furrow provides better tilling - the ideal condition for simple seedbed preparation with fewer subsequent operations required.

Juwel seed furrow

The wide winter furrow leaves a coarse surface to be broken up by the frost.

Juwel winter furrow

Turnover device and tilt adjustment

The Juwel M is equipped with a hydraulic turnover device as standard.

  • The short, stable turnover axle can withstand heavy-duty impact and constant loads.
  • It is shaped for optimum resistance, runs in tapered rollers and can be lubricated centrally.
  • Due to the heat-treated steel used, the wear-resistant pivot bearing is extremely durable and guarantees a long service life.


Juwel rotation axle

  • The is adjusted easily and precisely via a cap nut and stop as standard ; this adjustment can be made separately for each side.
  • They are easy to handle and protect threads against dirt.
  • This ensures that the tilt adjustment will keep operating smoothly.
Juwel mechanical angular adjustment

  • Optionally, Juwel 8 and Juwel 10 M ploughs can be equipped with a memory reversing mechanism.
  • It has a rotary ram with central hydraulic tilt adjustment.
  • This allows the tilt to be comfortably adjusted from the tractor cab via a separate spool valve.
  • An optional mechanical tilt display facilitates the adjustment.
Juwel angular adjustment memory turnover device

For Juwel 8 and Juwel 10 with variable working width adjustment (V-versions) and memory device an additional control element is available.

  • Only one double-acting spool valve on the tractor required
  • A comprehensively featured plough can also be used with a tractor with only few hydraulic connections
  • Comfortable adjustment of the hydraulic functions working width, tilt and front furrow



Juwel memory additional operation unit

Onland and in the furrow

Juwel 8 and Juwel 10 are also available in an OF version and van bie used for onland and in-furrow ploughing

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