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Pneumatic seed drills

Successful sowing

Whether working with conventional or conservation tillage, whether running small, medium-sized or large farms with extensive fields – the pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range always offer high precision and efficiency. They are available in various models to meet a wide range of requirements for optimal sowing.

Solitair 8+


The updated Solitair 8+ is ideal for small and medium-sized farms that are looking for a cost-efficient way of using high-precision pneumatic seed drill technology for conventional and conservation tillage. read more

Solitair 9

The versatile pneumatic seed drill

The Solitair 9 pneumatic seed drill is available as a mounted rigid or folding version, or as semi-mounted folding version in working widths of 3 to 6 metres. read more

Solitair 9+


Like the Solitair 23 and Solitair 25 seed drills and the Azurit precision seed drill, the Solitair 9+ pneumatic seed drill will be available soon in the new design. Apart from the modernised look, handling and operating comfort have of... read more

Solitair 9+ Duo

Proven technology with a divided seed hopper

The Solitair 9+ Duo pneumatic seed drill features a divided seed hopper and therefore offers multiple options for simultaneously applying seeds, fertiliser or even interseeds. read more

Solitair 12

Superior acreage performance in sowing

With its Solitair 12, LEMKEN offers a trailed pneumatic seed drill with working widths of 8 to 12 metres for superior acreage performance and economy. read more

Coulter Bar OptiDisc 25

A flexible sowing system

The new solo coulter bar OptiDisc 25 can be combined with the Solitair 23 front hopper and a power harrow to form an agile, compact drilling combination with optimal weight distribution, even when working with a smaller tractor. read more

Solitair 23

More versatility in sowing and fertilising

The Solitair 23 hopper for seeds or fertiliser can be used in several ways for soil cultivation and sowing in combination with different LEMKEN machines. read more

Solitair 25

Versatile cultivation methods

The Solitair 25 pneumatic seed drill can be semi-mounted to various LEMKEN soil cultivation implements to adapt the implement optimally and quickly to varying conditions. However, the Solitair 25 can also be operated in solo mode as well as in... read more