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Double disc coulters

Double disc coulter

For perfect seed placement

Seed drills with double disc coulters can be used under nearly all conditions and allow the farmer freedom of choice when deciding which tillage method to use.

The parallelogram-controlled double disc coulter

The double disc coulter with a rubber-tyred depth control wheel places seeds consistently and precisely at the same depth even in changing soil conditions and at high ground speeds. Seeds are then pressed into the soil by the depth control wheel to ensure optimum soil contact and to support rapid germination as a result of the optimum water discharge. The uncompacted areas between crop rows reduce puddling and erosion. If the tillage implement is fitted with a leading trapeze roller, seeds are embedded with even greater perfection.

double disc coulter with a rubber-tyred depth control wheel

The parallelogram-controlled double disc coulter allows the coulter pressure and seed depth to be adjusted separately. The discs feature wear-resistant, maintenance-free four-point bearings, and a bearing seal reliably keeps dirt out of the bearing. The slim design of the straight discs ensures that work is not disrupted by blockages.

OptiDisc double disc coulters

OptiDisc is the maintenance-free double disc coulter from LEMKEN and is currently available on the Compact-Solitair. The maintenance-free rubber suspension bearings, with good damping and movement characteristics, are designed for high durability even in difficult conditions, The central hydraulic coulter pressure adjustment can generate a coulter pressure of up to 70 kg.

Double disc coulter with trapeze roller


The seedbed is ideally consolidated by a trapeze roller immediately ahead of the double disc coulter unit. This presses in line with the following coulter, with areas in between not consolidated. Preparation of the seed row in this way enables the disc coulters to open the furrow accurately and without interference. Ideal soil coverage is obtained by pressing the seed with the following press wheel. Consistently high emergence is achieved even in dry soils.

Double disc coulter with trapeze roller

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