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OptiDisc 25

  • From 3 m to 6 m working width
OptiDisc 25 in action
OptiDisc 25 rear view during operation
OptiDisc 25 aerial view
OptiDisc 25 side view
OptiDisc 25 transport on the road

Compact design, flexible applications

The OptiDisc 25 solo coulter can be combined with the Solitair 23+ front tank and a rotary harrow to form an agile, compact drilling combination with optimal weight distribution, even when working with a smaller tractor. Combined with the Solitair 25 pneumatic seed drill, it forms a particularly efficient folding seed drill combination.

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Advantages of Optidisc 25

  • The proven OptiDisc double disc coulter with parallel guidance allows the seed depth and coulter pressure to be adjusted independently to ensure that seeds are always placed at precisely the correct depth.
  • The coulter pressure in the new coulter bar can be adjusted either mechanically (to up to 45 kg) or hydraulically from the tractor cab (to up to 70 kg).
  • Uniform transverse distribution even with tramlines, as the distributor is directly above the coulter bar and the tramline mechanism does not require a seed return.
  • To ensure safe road travel, all drill combinations with a 4.5 m working width or above are supplied with an additional carriage. The carriage can be locked and unlocked manually from the left side of the machine in just a few steps. Up to 3.5 t of the weight of the drill combination can be transferred to the additional carriage. This ensures that neither the permissible rear axle load nor the permissible total weight of the tractor are exceeded. The carriage support wheels follow the track reliably even when cornering.

Select a model

  • K = Foldable

Technical data

OptiDisc 25/300 OptiDisc 25/400 OptiDisc 25/400 K OptiDisc 25/450 K OptiDisc 25/500 K OptiDisc 25/600 K
Working width (m) 3 4 4 4,5 5 6
Weight (kg) 689 713 997 1 071 1 145 1 293
Article number 32 1998L 32 2000L 32 2001L 32 2002L 32 2003L 32 2004L
Number of rows with row spacing 12.5 cm (15cm) 24 (20) 32 (27) 32 (27) 36 (30) 40 (34) 48 (40)

Basic equipment

  • Electronic seed drill control MegaDrill with preparation for operation with any ISOBUS terminal (only in combination with Solitair 23+ or Solitair 25)
  • Lower link attachment Cat. 2
  • Maintenance-free double disc coulters OptiDisc M, up to 45 kg coulter pressure per coulter
  • With rigid implements: 2 distributors located outside
  • With foldable implements: 4 distributors located outside
  • Pulse wheel for MegaDrill, Ø 340 mm
  • Holder kit for hose routing on the power harrow without quick coupling device
  • Width sections electrically remote-controlled
  • Stands

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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