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Solitair 9

  • Nominal hopper volume from 1 850 L to 2 300 L
  • From 4 m to 6 m working width
Solitair 9 side-rear view
Solitair 9 sideway right view
Solitair 9 sideway left view
Solitair 9 rear view
Solitair 9 sideway front view

The versatile pneumatic seed drill

The Solitair 9 pneumatic seed drill is available as a folding or semi-mounted folding version in working widths of 4 to 6 metres. The potential for solo use, or in combination with a wide range of tillage implements, creates a versatile machine that can be used in a number of establishment situations.

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Advantages of Solitair 9

  • The 6 cell wheels in the central metering unit can be easily adjusted using the tool provided, Seeding rates of 1,5 to 300 kg/ha, over a range of seed types, are possible.
  • The Solitronic system takes care of all the control and monitoring functions for the electric seeding shaft drive. The easy-to-read colour display provides simple operator guidance.
  • The seed distributors are located outside the seed hopper, immediately above the coulter bar. The seed tubes between the distributor and the coulter are as short as possible and all the same length to give accurate seed distribution.
  • The parallelogram-mounted double disc coulters with rubber-tyred depth wheels place the seed accurately at a uniform depth even in variable soils. Depth control is maintained even at high forward speeds.

Select a model

  • K = Foldable
  • KA = Foldable, semi-mounted

Technical data

Solitair 9/400 K Solitair 9/450 K Solitair 9/500 K Solitair 9/600 K
Weight (kg) 1 202 1 274 1 354 1 514
Article number 750 5023 750 5024 750 5025 750 5026
Tank capacity (litres) 1 850 1 850 1 850 1 850
Number of rows with row spacing 12.5 cm (15cm) 32 (27) 36 (30) 40 (34) 48 (40)

Basic equipment

  • Without lighting equipment
  • Electronic seed drill operation with operation terminal LVT-50
  • Hydraulically driven fan with filter Ø 230 mm
  • Flow control valve for hydraulic fan
  • Forward folding hopper cover
  • Hopper with distributors located outside
  • Hopper sieve
  • Mechanical switch of width sections 
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Electrically driven metering shaft
  • Pulse wheel Ø 340 mm
  • Digital scale with case
  • Battery mounting set 4 m

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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