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Solitair 12

  • Nominal hopper volume: 5 800 L
  • From 8 m to 12 m working width
Solitair 12 in action rear view
Solitair 12 transport
Solitair 12 in the field
Solitair 12 in action front view
Solitair 12 while driving

Maximum field performance for drilling

With Solitair 12, LEMKEN offers trailed pneumatic seed drills in working widths of 8 to 12 metres for maximum field performance and cost-effectiveness.

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Advantages of Solitair 12

  • The large, 5,800 litre seed hopper allows work for long periods without interruption and minimises downtime.
  • The large volume tyres protect the soil and make transport safe.
  • The seeding shafts in the metering unit are driven by a high-performance electric motor and controlled electronically. The metering devices provide uniform seed flow and good lateral distribution.
  • The coulter bar of the Solitair 12 is in two parts. An innovative hydraulic system provides the ground following that is particularly important with large working widths. Mounted on four hydraulic cylinders, coulter sections can float independently of the main folding parts of the drill.



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