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Mounted rigid seed drills

Versatile pneumatic drilling technology

Mounted rigid pneumatic seed drills from LEMKEN are the best choice for many small and medium-sized farms. They are manoeuvrable, can be combined with various seedbed preparation machines and are available with numerous equipment options. In all models, double disc coulters ensure precise sowing at the desired depth, laying the foundation for good plant growth.

What the mounted rigid seed drills offer

  • Maximum precision during sowing
  • Adaptation to different tilling methods
  • Various working widths
  • High working speed
  • User-friendly control system
  • Reliable operation and easy maintenance

Solitair MR

The Solitair MR pneumatic seed drill offers the latest seeding system, ISOBUS operation, a wide range of equipment options and an optional split seed hopper.

Solitair MR

Solitair 8+

The Solitair 8 is the cost-effective model with mechanical drive of the metering system and pneumatic seed delivery.

Solitair 8+