02. November 2015

LEMKEN to expand compact disc harrow range

Rubin 12 now with 7 metres working width

The upper segment of the Rubin 12 compact disc harrow range, which was successfully launched in 2014, is to be extended with a 7 metre working width model. This will now allow the product to be well matched to tractors with higher power outputs.

The Rubin 12 plays to its particular strengths where large volumes of organic matter need to be incorporated. Two rows of serrated concave discs with a diameter of 736 mm let the Rubin 12 work just as deep as a cultivator, but it mixes and crumbles more intensively in the process. The symmetrical arrangement of the discs in each row enables working without lateral pull, even at high driving speeds. The 20° angle of the discs to the soil and the 16° angle to the direction of travel ensure optimum penetration and enable cultivation over the whole width from a working depth of 7 cm. The legs are specially curved and coiled and thus provide maximum clearance between the discs. This prevents blockages, along with the slight offset of the middle discs (patented in several countries). With its higher forward speed and reduced slip compared to cultivators, the LEMKEN Rubin 12 is able to deliver higher acreage performance with lower fuel consumption.

An impact harrow behind the first row of discs provides intensive mixing and crumbling, while a levelling harrow behind the second row distributes and levels the soil. Both harrows feature self-locking central depth adjustment.

The hydraulic depth adjustment with integrated display allows the depth to be continuously controlled from the tractor cabin. Self-levelling, suspended trailing rollers ensure good adaptation to surfaces, even with seven metres working width. The carriage, which is integrated between the discs and trailed implement, and the large tyres make for a very agile implement and safe road transport.


LEMKEN, a specialist for professional arable farming with annual sales of EUR 344 million, and a global company employing more than 1,200 staff, is one of Europe's leading suppliers. Founded as a blacksmith's shop in 1780, this family-operated company produces high-quality, high-performance agricultural implements for soil cultivation, seeding and plant protection at its German headquarters in Alpen and its two production plants in Föhren and Haren. Innovation in the best interest of our customers guides our thoughts and actions. For additional information on LEMKEN please visit our homepage at www.lemken.com.

LEMKEN to expand compact disc harrow range
[Translate to English - South Africa:] Rubin 12 mit sieben Meter Arbeitsbreite
LEMKEN to expand compact disc harrow range
[Translate to English - South Africa:] Rubin 12/700 mit symmetrischer Scheibenabordnung
LEMKEN to expand compact disc harrow range
[Translate to English - South Africa:] Rubin 12 mit 7 Meter Arbeitsbreite und Arbeitstiefen bis 20 cm