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12. November 2023


LEMKEN presents a strong corporate vision

Continuous development, long-term success: In its corporate mission statement, LEMKEN sets the course for the future with its newly defined vision as “Your Partner for Next Level Farming”. The agricultural technology company’s vision is based on its mission as The Agrovision Company, which it has been living for almost 20 years.

Successful long-term solutions

As “YOUR PARTNER FOR NEXT LEVEL FARMING”, LEMKEN wants to help accelerate the development towards sustainable agriculture with its proven innovative ideas as The Agrovision Company. This is the only way to ensure that we will be able to feed the world’s population in the future while conserving existing resources as much as possible.

The LEMKEN Circle

Next Level Farming is based on the concepts of regenerative agriculture, which are supported by many farmers, environmentalists and sustainability advocates worldwide. The aim is to develop site-sensitive farming practices that are designed to reduce impacts on soils and the environment.

Possible practical measures include improving soil health and fertility, promoting biodiversity and restoring and maintaining ecosystems as a whole. But LEMKEN is not only focused on environmental goals, but also on economic success. “With Next Level Farming, we are aiming for successful long-term solutions,” says Anthony van der Ley, explaining the strategy. LEMKEN is currently working intensively on the issues of resource conservation, water management, processes and autonomy, digitalisation, research and consultancy.

Heute schon an morgen denken

Proven yet innovative LEMKEN technology will play a key role in making farms fit for the future, because sustainable agriculture must also be profitable

If agriculture is to meet all the new demands that society places on it, we need a major eco-social transformation. As part of this process, the framework conditions for agri-environmental policy, food security, farm incomes and entrepreneurial freedom must be redefined. LEMKEN believes that the value of ecology and climate protection must be quantified in euros. This is the only way to steer entrepreneurial decisions in the right direction in the long term. LEMKEN supports all farmers as “YOUR PARTNER FOR NEXT LEVEL FARMING”.

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