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21. November 2023

Solitair DT drill combination now with nine-metre working width

The Solitair DT drill combinations with working widths of four to six metres have been very successful on the market for the past year. Now the range has been extended with a new nine-metre wide version which when combined with the MultiHub catch crop/granulate spreader, can apply an additional third component. With a transport width of three metres and a maximum height of four metres, this combination is approved for road transport throughout the EU.

Tillage and placement are carefully thought through

In the Solitair DT, seedbed preparation is handled by a compact disc harrow with large 465-millimetre concave discs that are individually protected against overload by leaf springs. A tyre packer with large staggered tyres then ensures full-surface reconsolidation. A trapeze packer roller can be fitted ahead of the coulter bar for targeted reconsolidation of seed rows. Four distributor heads, each fed by a metering unit, are positioned above the coulter bar to ensure uniform seed distribution. The parallelogram guided Optidisc double disc coulters, which can be loaded with coulter pressures of up to 70 kilograms depending on the version, are used with row spacings of 12.5 or 16.7 centimetres.

LEMKEN Solitair DT im Einsatz bei Sonnenuntergang

Many possibilities for placement

With 5,100 litres in the double hopper version, the seed hopper of the nine-metre wide Solitair DT offers plenty of capacity. The MultiHub has an additional capacity of 500 litres. It is fully integrated into the user interface of the machine’s control system as an additional component and has the same width section distribution as the drill combination. This opens up a wide range of applications. For example, the Solitair DT can place fertiliser and seed in a single seed furrow using the single-shot method. In the version with separate fertiliser coulters, fertiliser or another type of seed is placed below the seed horizon. Switching to this double-shot method is simple via a seed diverter. With the addition of the integrated MultiHub, yet another component can be added to each placement variant.

LEMKEN Solitair DT mit MultiHub

Fast on the road

On the road, all models offer stable handling in all conditions and at all speeds up to 40 km/h. In the Solitair DT with nine metres working width, the centre wheels are subjected to a slight hydraulic pre-load pressure.

Neuheit Solitair DT

Operation via app

The new iQblue Go app offers maximum ease of use, allowing the Solitair DT to be calibrated using a mobile device. The app also supports tramline configuration and complements the system display on the terminal. The Solitair DT can be configured with a wide range of options to suit individual requirements.

LEMKEN iQblue Go auf dem Tablet