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12. November 2023

New versatile catch crop/granulate spreader with width section control

Catch crops are becoming increasingly popular for improving soil health, nutrient retention and biodiversity. LEMKEN offers the new MultiHub for this purpose, which is versatile and economical to use by reducing passes and combining applications. This mounted implement is suitable for both sowing catch crops during stubble tillage and spreading fine seeds or granulates directly with the main seeds from a seed drill. What makes the MultiHub special: It is the first implement of its kind that offers width section or half-side control to avoid overlapping and save seed wastage.

Extremely adaptable

The MultiHub comes with 200 or 500 litres capacity and can be adapted to individual conditions to make it suitable for a wide range of applications. Its width section control can be operated directly from the tractor cab via the ISOBUS terminal and machine software. This is made possible by a novel combination of metering motor and diverter valves. When used with a seed drill, the MultiHub has the same number of width sections as the seed drill and the view is fully integrated into the user interface as an additional seeding line. When the MultiHub is used with a tillage implement, one half or, with larger working widths up to four sections can be deactivated.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Einsatz mit MultiHub

Versatile and economical

Using the MultiHub opens up enormous saving potential for farmers, as this machine greatly reduces overlaps. Furthermore, it is easy to operate via the ISOBUS terminal and makes working at the headland a lot easier. The MultiHub is particularly versatile when combined with a seed drill, as it can be quickly adapted via a simple hose plug system.

LEMKEN Grubber Karat 10 Einsatz mit MultiHub Nahmaufnahme

This enables a wide range of possible application methods, depending on the configuration of the seed drill: slug pellets via splash plates, micro-granulates or fertiliser in seed rows or on a second seeding horizon, or even alternate sowing of a second type of seed (A-B seeding). The MultiHub makes it easy to comply with legal requirements for water protection, as its outer width section can be specifically deactivated to allow for adapted management. The MultiHub will be available in a limited series from summer 2024.

LEMKEN Solitair DT mit MultiHub