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Solitair 9+ Duo

  • Nominal hopper volume: 1 850 L
  • From 3 m to 4 m working width
Solitair 9+ use at dusk
Solitair 9+ highlights: tank from above

Proven technology with double hopper

The Solitair 9+ Duo pneumatic seed drill features a divided seed hopper and therefore offers multiple options for simultaneously applying seeds, fertiliser or even interseeds.

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Overview - Solitair 9+ Duo

Hopper design

The 1,850-litre capacity of the hopper can be divided at either a 50:50 or a 60:40 ratio. Each side features its own fill level monitor as standard.

Solitair 9+ highlights: tank


Each side of the hopper is equipped with two metering rollers, which are driven independently of each other by an electric motor each.

Solitair 9+ details


Operation is just as easy using a CCI terminal or via the tractor terminal – either shows all key information at a glance.

Solitair 9+ CCI 1200

Two components are applied via a sowing coulter

The double-shot version offers great flexibility in placing seeds. It allows two components to be applied either via a single seeding coulter or via separate seeding coulters.

Solitair 9+ alternate placement

Two components are each applied via a separate sowing coulter

To be able to sow as shown on the picture, only the distributor cartridges need to be exchanged. With this set-up, only every other row is supplied with the relevant component.

Solitair 9+ equal placement

Two components are applied in a single row

In the single-shot version, seed or fertiliser is applied together in one seed furrow. In this way, a suitable fertiliser starting dose can be added for winter sowing or a complete fertiliser application for summer sowings. This version allows two components to be applied within a single row.

Solitair 9+ Duo how it works

Working depth coulter adjustments

With the double-shot version, the deposition depth of every other seed row can be adjusted up to 5 cm deeper. This ensures that seeds or fertiliser are always placed at the optimal depth.

Solitair 9+ Adjustment

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Technical data

Solitair 9+ Duo/300 125 Solitair 9+ Duo/300 150 Solitair 9+ Duo/400 125 Solitair 9+ Duo/400 167
Weight (kg) 1 041 981 1 158 1 038
Tank capacity (litres) 1 850 1 850 1 850 1 850
Row spacing (mm) 125 mm 150 mm 125 mm 167 mm
Number of seed coulters 24 20 32 24

Basic equipment

  • Possibility for easy data exchange between Solitair 9+ and agricultural software via the data hub agrirouter
  • Electronic seed drill control with operation terminal LVT-50
  • Hydraulically driven fan
  • Forward folding hopper cover
  • Hopper with distributors located outside
  • Hopper sieve
  • Mechanical switch of width sections
  • Electronic hopper level indicator (2x with double hopper)
  • Electrically driven metering shaft
  • Pulse wheel Ø 340 mm
  • Filter
  • Loading platform with steps
  • Power supply via ISOBUS implement socket on the tractor
  • Discharge flap for hopper, Ø 90 mm

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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