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Solitair 9+

  • Nominal hopper volume from 1 450 L to 1 850 L
  • From 3 m to 4 m working width
Solitair 9+ evening field work
Solitair 9+ in action rear view
Solitair 9+ in action aerial view
Solitair 9+ in action side view
Solitair 9+ transport

Proven technology, smartly modernised

The Solitair 9+ pneumatic seed drill can be used as a rigid, semi-mounted version in various working widths. As it can be combined with various tillage implements or run in solo operation, it can be used in a wide range of applications and with various cultivation methods.

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Advantages of Solitair 9+

  • Proven dosing and placement system with double disc coulters with parallel suspension and depth control wheels for even germination rates.
  • New, modern tank with wide-opening plastic lid for easy filling from big bags.
  • Particularly quiet, proven blower fan from the Solitair 25 with very low oil consumption.
  • The integrated calibration sensor allows calibration testing to be performed right on the machine without needing to go to the tractor.
  • Folding access grille for improved access and easier dosing and calibration.
  • The adjustable single harrow is easy to lift and to adjust to a wide range of different conditions.

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Technical data

Solitair 9+/300 Solitair 9+/350 Solitair 9+/400
Weight (kg) 1 041 1 104 1 158
Article number 34 0621L 34 0622L 34 0623L
Tank capacity (litres) 1 450 1 450 1 850
Number of rows with row spacing 12.5 cm (15cm) 24 (20) 28 (23) 32 (27)

Basic equipment

  • Electronic seed drill control with operation terminal LVT-50
  • Hydraulically driven fan with filter Ø 380 mm
  • Forward folding hopper cover
  • Hopper with distributors located outside
  • Hopper sieve
  • Mechanical switch of width sections
  • Electronic hopper level indicator
  • Electrically driven metering shaft
  • Pulse wheel Ø 340 mm
  • Loading platform with steps
  • Power supply via ISOBUS implement socket on the tractor
  • Discharge flap for hopper, Ø 90 mm

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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