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Pneumatic seed drills

Pneumatic seed drills

Successful tillage for your fields

The extensive range of pneumatic seed drills under the Solitair brand creates a wide variety of conditions for efficient implement use during sowing. In addition to mounted, semi-mounted and trailed machines, the range also includes combinations of front hopper and seed bar. They perform excellently in mulch sowing and conventional tillage.

Advantages of the pneumatic seed drills of the Solitair range

  • Also possible in large working widths
  • Seed flow is supported by air flow
  • Can be used on slopes without any problems
  • Small technical remaining quantities due to funnel-shaped central seed hopper
  • Large hopper volumes

Mounted rigid seed drills

Versatile and manoeuvrable

The mounted rigid seed drills in the Solitair series are available in different versions: from the cost-effective machine with mechanically driven metering system to the fully equipped seed drill with ISOBUS control and split seed hopper.

Mounted rigid seed drills 

Pneumatic seed drills: Solitair 8+

Foldable seed drill Solitair 9

The tried and tested classic

The hydraulically folding pneumatic seed drills with a working width of 4 - 6 metres.

Solitair 9
Pneumatic seed drills: Solitair 9K

Solitair 12

The large area seed drill

The trailed Solitair 12 pneumatic seed drill in working widths of 8 to 12 metres stands for maximum area output and economic efficiency.

Solitair 12
Pneumatic seed drills: Solitair 12

Solitair 23+

It's the combination that counts

The Solitair 23+ front hopper can be used as a fertiliser hopper with the Azurit precision air seeder. Combined with the Optidisc 25 coulter bar, it forms a powerful drill combination.

Solitair 23+
Pneumatic seed drills: Solitair 23+

Coulter bar Optidisc 25

The flexible system for sowing

The OptiDisc 25 solo seed bar with OptiDisc double disc coulters, together with the Solitair 23+ front hopper and a power harrow, forms a manoeuvrable and compact drill combination with optimum weight distribution.

Coulter bar Optidisc 25
Pneumatic seed drills: OptiDisc 25

Solitair 25

When the reqirements often change

The pneumatic seed drill with innovative metering and distribution concept can be combined with many soil tillage implements. For drilling, it is combined with the OptiDisc 25 solo coulter bar; for precision drilling, it serves as a fertiliser hopper for the Azurit precision seeder.

Solitair 25 KA
Pneumatic seed drills: Solitair 25

LEMKEN pneumatic seed drills

  • The double disc coulters, which operate without clogging, ensure optimum seed placement at a constant depth and uniform seed coverage in both wet and dry soil conditions.
  • The seed distributors are located outside the seed hopper directly above the coulter bar. For precise distribution, the seed hoses are the same length from the distributor to the coulter. Continuous slope of the seed hoses prevents blockages.