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Korund 8

  • From 3 m to 12 m working width
  • Tractors between 65 - 420 hp | 48 - 309 kW
  • Passive seedbed combinations
Korund 8 in action
Korund 6 meter
Korund 8 rear view

Powerful alternative in seedbed preparation with various equipment options

The Korund seedbed combination is characterised by particularly good levelling, loosening and grubbing with a high degree of surface coverage. It capacity, due to its various tine options, is demonstrated in professional potato or maize cultivation.

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Korund 8

  • Short and compact design
  • Flexible support arms
  • Deep or flat seedbed preparation
  • Toothed bar crumblers with maintenance free ball bearings

Short, compact & light

Its short and compact design provides a favourable centre of gravity and thus enables the use of tractors with lower lifting power. Due to its light weight, the machine can be used in large working widths on the tractor threepoint hitch.

Korund 8 compact design

Flexible support arms for durability

The flexible support arms made from It’s special spring steel can absorb high impact loads and thus protect the tractor and appliance.

Korund 8 flexible support arms

The right tine for every deep

To achieve an even loosening effect, tine sections with marathon or gamma tines for deep seedbed preparation are available, and for the flatter seedbed preparation duckfoot tines are recommended.

Korund 8 loosening effect

Spring loaded multi-bar saves fuel

The planing effect of the spring loaded multi-bar means an optimum seedbed is produced, even under difficult conditions such as deep tractor ruts or uneven ploughed surfaces. Thus the tine sections can work less deep which saves fuel.

Korund 8 spring loaded multi-bar

Optimal crumbling

Toothed bar crumblers with maintenance free ball bearings from the wide range of LEMKEN rollers provide precise depth guidance as well as optimal crumbling and levelling.

Korund 8 toothed bar crumblers
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