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Seedbed combinations

Seedbed combinations

Basis for optimal crops

A perfect seedbed forms the basis for a succesful crop. Prepared soil should be level, firm, and free from compaction, across the working width and working depth of the seedbed preparation implement.

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The seedbed combination Korund 8 is characterised by versatile equipment options that meet all arable requirements for perfect seedbed preparation. It is particularly suitable for maize and potato cultivation.

Korund 8
Korund 8 in action

Only one pass

With the System-Kompaktor, seedbed preparation can be completed in just one pass. It is the ideal machine for preparing a fine-crumbled, uniformly deep, well reconsolidated seedbed, especially for sugar beet and fine seeds such as rape.

System-Kompaktor in action

Combined seedbed preparation

LEMKEN seedbed combinations Korund and System-Kompaktor guarantee an optimum size distribution of soil aggregates, to provide a balance between good drainage and optimum moisture retention. Following rollers provide optimum consolidation without compaction. This is a critical factor in the germination efficiency of the crop. Efficient seedbed combinations, which prepare a perfect seedbed, at the minimum operating cost, increase the profitability of the business.