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Zirkon 12

  • From 3 m to 6 m working width
  • Tractors between 90 - 408 Hp | 66 - 300 kW
Zirkon 12 in action
Zirkon 12 in action
Zirkon 12 in action
Zirkon 12 in action
Zirkon 12 in action

The rotary harrow for maximum constant load in all tilling procedures

The Zirkon 12 is suitable for maximum constant load both in conventional and conservation-tillage procedures in the seedbed preparation. The active tools of the Zirkon 12 prepare an optimum seedbed in almost all soil conditions. The intensity of preparation can be specifically adjusted by selecting appropriate combinations of forward travel speed, PTO speed, and the transmission setting of the rotary harrow.

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Zirkon 12

  • Welded gearbox
  • DUAL-Shift transmission
  • Quick-change tine system
  • Also available in folding version

Light running lives longer

The permanently welded gear trough made from hardened, thick walled steel, ensures the smooth and quiet running of all gears, shafts and bearings. This, in turn, guarantees a long operational life.

Zirkon 12 trough

More or less intensive?

The DUAL-Shift transmission enables simple adjustment of the tine speed from 330 to 440 rotor revolutions per minute. In addition, the rotational direction of the tines can be changed simply by shifting the transmission from “Grip” to “Drag”. As such, the machine is easy to adjust to all usage conditions.

Zirkon 12 DUAL-Shift

Quick-change system

The quick-change tines with a length of 340 mm are now also available in a DuraMaxx variant to ensure maximum durability. The optional quick-change system ensures easy replacement of the tines with no tools required.

Zirkon 12 blade tine

Folding functions perfectly

For folding implements, the centrally located swing axles enable optimum adaptation to the ground contours.

Zirkon 12 swing axles
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