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The two system carriers, Gigant 10 and Gigant 12, offer the unique opportunity of using different LEMKEN implements with a single chassis.

Both system carriers have two hydraulic three-point linkage systems to take the Heliodor compact disc harrows, the Kristall compact cultivator or the System-Kompaktor seedbed combination, depending on the type of work to be done.

This versatility saves on investment costs for chassis, braking systems and hydraulic implement folding. It also provides the option of using the individual implements separately without the system carrier with smaller standard tractors.

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Advantages of Gigant system carriers

  • The two three-point linkages and the individual working units provide unbeatable ground following which guarantees a uniform cultivation depth and lower fuel consumption.
  • The cultivated area remains free of wheel tracks because the wheels on the Gigant system carrier run in front of the implements.
  • Road transport of the Gigant 10 is simple and safe with 3 m transport width possible in every implement combination.
  • NEW: with the optional Double Tower of the Gigant 10, different working widths, 2 x 4 metres or 2 x 5 metres, can be used with one system carrier.

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Technical data

Gigant 10/800 System-Kompaktor Gigant 10/1000 System-Kompaktor Gigant 10/1200 System-Kompaktor Gigant 12S/1600 System-Kompaktor
Working width (m) 8 10 12 16
Power requirements (hp) from - to 215 - 315 275 - 470 335 - 550 446 - 732
Power requirements (kW) from - to 158 - 232 202 - 346 246 - 404 328 - 539
Weight (kg) 6 258 8 033 8 755 13 610

Basic equipment

  • Drawbar eye Ø 58 mm, for connection to a double lashing drawbar (or Ø 48 mm or Ø  78 mm)
  • Axle with wheels 500/50-17, 940 x 500 mm
  • Box section frame with spring steel carrier arms
  • Flat bar crumbling rollers Ø 270 mm with cutting bars
  • Height adjustable side plates
  • Crosskill rollers Ø 400 mm at the rear with draw rods
  • Harrow sections with duck-foot shares or Gamma tines
  • Without lighting equipment
  • Without brake system

Other tyre sizes, drawbar eyes and other options are also available.

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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