Solitair 25

Versatile cultivation methods

The Solitair 25 pneumatic seed drill can be semi-mounted to various LEMKEN soil cultivation implements to adapt the implement optimally and quickly to varying conditions. Depending on the previous crop, crop rotation, weather and harvest conditions, switching over from conventional to conservation tillage methods can deliver significant cost savings.

  • Working widths of 4 to 6 metres provide the essential requirements for cost-efficient operation on all types of farms.
  • The LEMKEN Solitair meets all needs in terms of blockage-free operation and precise seed placement.
  • The parallelogram-controlled double disc coulters with depth control roller place seeds precisely at the pre-set depth with both mulch sowing and conventional cultivation.

  • It allows seed rates of 0.5 to 500 kg/ha to be reliably dispensed.
  • Part width section control is available as standard, and the new tramline mechanism integrated in the distributors requires no seed return at all.
  • The Solitair can not only be combined with LEMKEN soil cultivation implements, but various seeding units can also be attached via a three-point linkage at the rear.
Modell Arbeitsbreite Reihenzahl bei Reihenabstand 12,5cm (15cm) Behälterinhalt Gewicht (12,5cm)
Solitair 25/400 KA 400 cm 36 (30) 3.000 l 1.992 kg
Solitair 25/450 KA 450 cm 36 (30) 3.000 l 2.108 kg
Solitair 25/500 KA 500 cm 40 (34) 3.000 l 2.225 kg
Solitair 25/600 KA 600 cm 48 (40) 3.000 l 2.458 kg



Possible combinations

Soil Cultivation

Model Heliodor 9 KA Rubin 9 KA Kristall 9 KA Zirkon 12 KA System-Kompaktor KA
Solitair 25/400 KA X X X X -
Solitair 25/450 KA X X - X -
Solitair 25/500 KA X X X X X
Solitair 25/600 KA X X X X X

Seeding units

Model Coulter bar+ OptiDisc Coulter bar + OptiDisc M Azurit 9 K
Solitair 25/400 KA X X -
Solitair 25/450 KA X X X
Solitair 25/500 KA X X -
Solitair 25/600 KA X X X

Innovative technology

Vertical metering
Vertical metering
Vertical metering

Seeds are dispensed to four distributors via four vertically arranged metering units.

  • Each metering unit is driven by a separate electrical motor.
  • This motor serves to control the metering speed and cell volume.
  • The combination of cell volume and metering speed then ensures a uniform flow of seeds under any conditions.
  • The fine seed wheel is integrated in the metering cells.
  • Application rates can be set between 0.5 and 500 kg/ha.
Blower fan
New integrated blower fan
New integrated blower fan

A new blower fan is integrated in the plastic hopper.

  • The fan consists of a stainless steel wheel and a die-cast aluminium housing to keep noise to a minimum.
  • The air volume it delivers is sufficient for reliably transporting seeds and fertiliser at rates of up to 500 kg/ha.
Hopper & weighing unit
Hopper with weighing unit
Hopper with weighing unit

Plastic hopper with 3000 l capacity.

  • Large opening and robust lid for easy filling.
  • Integrated sieves for removing dirt and larger clods.
  • Comfortable access and wide walkway with handrail for safe support.Quick and easy residue drainage.
  • A weighing unit can be optionally fitted to the hopper to ensure that operators always have Information about seed and fertiliser volumes at hand.
Distributor with tramline mechanism
Distributor with tramline mechanism
Distributor with tramline

Four distributors positioned directly above the coulter bar ensure superior transverse distribution.

  • Integrated hydraulic tramline mechanism
  • Symmetrical distribution in tramline mode
  • No seed return required in tramline mode
  • Adaptation to a wide range of tramline systems by simply replacing distributor cartridges
  • Individual metering units can be deactivated in the standard version to divide the coulter bar into four part width sections.

Easy tramline calculating

Online tramline configurator

The configurator assists farmers in calculating tramlines, as it determines how many rows need to be switched off where.
The tramline configurator is available for use with any devices free of charge.

Tramline configurator