The LEMKEN Primus with tank sizes of 2,400 to 4,400 litres delivers high quality in all assemblies with a clear focus on the essential spraying functions. This sprayer combines professional crop care with maximum cost effectiveness.

  • A compact trailed field sprayer with narrow transport width and height ensures simple and safe movement between fields, even in confined
  • Its new reversible drawbar allows the implement to be attached to either the upper or lower link and comes with a large selection of drawbar connections. The reversible drawbar also has the option to be fitted with a suspension.
  • Fast, safe induction of crop care products via a large-volume inductor. Hopper rinse without spray mist, powerful canister cleaning and agitation nozzles.
  • The smooth inside surfaces and optimised design of the tank ensure flawless interior cleaning and minimal residue.
  • Unique, torsion-resistant Z profile boom available with working widths from 15 to 30 metres with optimised hose routing inside the boom profiles. Circulation lines routed inside the boom as standard.
  • The Primus 10 is operated via the CCI.50 terminal with S box for width section control. Automatic width section control is optional. LEMKEN offers the CCI.50, CCI.200 or CCI.1200 operating terminals for the Primus 12. However, any other AEF-certified universal terminal can also be used and there are a range of auxiliary control elements available.
Primus 10/2500 Primus 10/3500 Primus 10/4500
Weight (kg) 2.575 2.775 2.975
Tank volume (l) 2.400 3.300 4.400
Spraying boom width (m) 15 - 30 15 - 30 15 - 30
Sprayer boom type B21 / B27 / B30 B21 / B27 / B30 B21 / B27 / B30
  • Electronic operation and automatic control with LEMKEN CCI-50 terminal, part width switch box and basic tractor equipment
  • Basic FS boom operation: hydraulic height adjustment with 1 SA spool valve, folding into the transport or working position via hydraulic sequential control with 1 DA spool valve, electric slope compensation with optical centre display and potentiometer
  • Vertical suspension for spraying boom
  • Piston diaphragm pump 1 x 260 litres with Primus 10/2500 and 10/3500, 2 x 200 litres with Primus 10/4500
  • Tyres 300/95 R 46 with Primus 10/2500 and 10/3500, 340/85 R 48 with Primus 10/4500
  • Dual line air pressure brake system
  • Single-lever operation in the distribution section
  • Indirect level indicator
  • 2 rotating internal cleaning nozzles made from stainless steel
  • Manual agitator control
  • Chemical inductor, spring assisted and tray with holder for measuring jug
  • 2“ Kamlok suction connection
  • External clean water tank 2 x 160 litres
  • Water canister for hand washing
  • Drawbar, upper connection (optionally lower connection)
  • Height-adjustable traction loop, Ø 40 mm, rigid
  • PTO shaft
  • 1 TeeJet AIXR VP nozzle set, freely selectable size
  • Quality check for 1 nozzle set incl. official certification badge
  • Mudguards incl. lighting equipment
  • Without platform