The perfect entry into trailed crop protection technology

With its outstanding performance and consistently high component quality, the Primus makes the combination of professional crop protection, high acreage performance and maximum economy accessible to farms that focus on the production of market fruit, above all. This is achieved through the deliberate concentration on the essential functions that are necessary for spraying, which results in a limited breadth of available versions.

  • Compact trailed field sprayer with narrow transport width, low transport height and superior agility.
  • Optimal, practice-oriented operating comfort for easy handling.
  • Robust tank made of glass fibre-reinforced plastic, available in three tank sizes of 2,400 to 4,400 litres.
  • Torsion-resistant Z profile boom with standard slope compensation control in boom widths of 15 to 33 metres.
  • Equipped with a Teejet 844 E computer as standard, optionally with Müller Spraydos including circulation pipe.
  • Rigid drawbar with flange plate for a wide range of attachment options.
Primus 10/2500 Primus 10/3500 Primus 10/4500
Weight (kg) 2.575 2.775 2.975
Tank volume 2.400 3.300 4.400
Spraying boom width 15 - 30 15 - 30 15 - 30
Sprayer boom type B21 B27 B30 B21 B27 B30 B21 B27 B30


  • Electronic operation and automatic control with LEMKEN CCI-50 terminal part width switch box and basic tractor equipment
  • Basic FS boom operation: hydraulic height adjustment with 1 SA spool valve folding into the transport or working position via hydraulic sequential control with 1 DA spool valve electric slope compensation with optical centre display and potentiometer
  • Vertical suspension for spraying boom
  • Piston diaphragm pump 1 x 260 litres with Primus 10/2500 and 10/3500
  • 2 x 200 litres with Primus 10/4500
  • Tyres 300/95 R 46 with Primus 10/2500 and 10/3500 340/85 R 48 with Primus 10/4500
  • Dual line air pressure brake system
  • Single-lever operation in the distribution section
  • Indirect level indicator
  • 2 rotating internal cleaning nozzles made from stainless steel
  • Manual agitator control
  • Chemical inductor spring assisted and tray with holder for measuring jug
  • 2“ Kamlok suction connection
  • External clean water tank 2 x 160 litres
  • Water canister for hand washing
  • Drawbar upper connection (optionally lower connection)
  • Height-adjustable traction loop Ø 40 mm rigid
  • PTO shaft
  • 1 TeeJet AIXR VP nozzle set freely selectable size
  • Quality check for 1 nozzle set incl. official certification badge
  • Mudguards incl. lighting equipment
  • Without platform