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12. November 2023

A single app for settings and maintenance

Many machine settings require operators to get out of the tractor cab or provide input via the terminal. With iQblue Go, LEMKEN has now taken a new approach that combines machine operation, real-time information, configuration and troubleshooting in a cross-machine smartphone app. iQblue Go allows users to provide input in advance or in parallel to entries made via the terminal. The app communicates via the mobile network or a direct WiFi connection and can initially be used for LEMKEN seed drills and band sprayers. It can also be connected to the agrirouter and therefore to various farm management systems.

Practical functions for sowing

The new iQblue Go is quick and easy to set up by scanning the machine code with a mobile phone or tablet. With seed drills, it is used to remotely control calibration tests and the draining of residue from the tank or hopper. The app additionally provides fill level data so that seeds or fertiliser can be resupplied in good time. The proven LEMKEN tramline configurator also forms part of the app. With this planning tool, it is possible to create tramline profiles and transfer them to the machine, making tramline tables redundant. Naturally, all information regarding the tramline cartridge and respective seeding coulters can be displayed so that optimum settings can be made.

LEMKEN iQblue Go auf dem Smartphone

Useful for band spraying

IQblue Go is also helpful for band spraying with a hoeing machine: A conversion function from area to band spraying determines the application rate depending on the nozzle angle and the setting of the nozzle holder. Different profiles and nozzles can be stored and sent to the machine in line with current requirements.

Kombination von Hacken und Bandspritzung

Complement to the terminal

The app’s dashboard shows the machine location and status and explains notifications. Detailed troubleshooting suggestions are available via a link to videos and instructions. Using an ISOBUS terminal and smartphone in parallel is seamless, as all inputs are synchronised immediately.