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Mechanical overload safety device

Juwel 7 mechanical overload safety device

Protection fro damage

The mechanical overload safty device of the Juwel M X ploughs is based on a steering system with high trigger and re-entry forces to ensure that the system is triggered softly and smoothly whenever an obstacle is encountered. This protects both the tractor and the plough.

How the overload protection works

  • The auto-reset spreader roller, which runs between the tandem beams, is not exposed to high friction forces, neither when the overload system is triggered, nor when the plough bodies re-enter the soil.
  • Force loss at the re-entry of the plough bodies into the soil is minimised.
  • This ensures even trigger characteristics with smooth, effortless activation and powerful, speedy plough body re-entry.

Response to obstacles

  • Whenever an obstacle is encountered, the elastic, high-quality surface-hardened spring steel beams and body legs can not only deflect upwards, but also to the side.
  • The beams are firmly guided in the process to ensure that they remain in position at all times.
  • Both the leg brackets and the beams c/w roller are bolted and together not welded.
  • This means high strength and a long service life of the overload elements.
mechanical overload safety device evasion procedure