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For perfect germination rates

Precision, economy and efficiency: that’s seed drill technology by LEMKEN! For perfect seed placement in both conventional and conservation tillage.

LEMKEN seed drills can be used mounted, semi-mounted or trailed. Working widths of 2.5 to 12 metres create optimal conditions for cost-efficient operation on all types of farms. With hopper volumes of 650 to 5,800 litres, the machines offer high efficiency.

Discover the benefits of our mechanical and pneumatic seed drills and drill combinations for yourself: our machines meet the needs of farmers and contractors all over the world.



LEMKEN Hassia Eurodrill

Acquisition of Hassia Maschinenfabrik

First steps in seed drill technology with the presentation of the DKA and Eurodrill mechanical seed drills.


LEMKEN Solitair

Launch of the Solitair pneumatic seed drills

First LEMKEN-developed seed drill with double disc coulter and depth control roller.


LEMKEN Solitair klappbar

Extension of the Solitair range by folding semi-mounted versions

These models allow rapid switching between combination with a Zirkon rotary harrow for conventional cultivation or a Smaragd disc cultivator for no-tillage cultivation.


Saphir mechanical seed drill

Launch of the Saphir mechanical seed drill to supersede the Hassia range

The proven double disc coulter design again features as a major highlight.



LEMKEN Solitair 12

Extension of the Solitair range by the towed Solitair 10 and 12 seed drills

Seed hoppers with 5,800 litres capacity and working widths of up to 12 metres for maximum acreage performance.


LEMKEN Brilliant

Launch of the Brillant, the world’s first self-propelled drill combination

This innovation, which was awarded a silver medal, was met with great interest by experts ultimately did not make it into series production. 


Solitronic for the Solitair 9 to 12

Easytronic for the Saphir and Solitair 8, Solitronic for the Solitair 9 to 12

LEMKEN introduces the first internally developed control systems for its mechanical and pneumatic seed drills: Easytronic for the Saphir and Solitair 8, and Solitronic for the Solitair 9, 10 and 12.


LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9

New trailed Compact-Solitair 9 drill combination

With its Compact-Solitair 9, LEMKEN introduces a new trailed drill combination for both mulch seeding and conventional tillage seeding. With a 3,500 litre hopper capacity, 3 metres working width and an average speed of travel of 12.5 km/h, these implements allow up to 12 ha to be drilled from a single hopper load.


LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9 HD

LEMKEN extends its universal seed drill range by the Compact-Solitair 9 HD

Integrated under-root fertilisation promotes the rapid juvenile development of crops with both conventional and conservation tillage and therefore produces considerable increases in yields, especially with summer cereals and in regions with short vegetation periods.


LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9/600 KK with power harrow

LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9/600 KK with rotary harrow

LEMKEN launches the Compact-Solitair 9/600 KK with rotary harrow, a universally applicable folding drill combination with 6 metres working width, at the Agritechnica 2009. Using LEMKEN’s proven parallelogram controls, this implement places seeds precisely via the maintenance-free OptiDisc double disc coulters with depth control roller. Coulter pressure is adjusted hydraulically to up to 70 kg per coulter.



Jantar drill combination for large-scale applications

With its Jantar machine, LEMKEN launches a drill combination for large-scale applications comprising the Jantar (“amber”) pneumatic seed trailer and the Heliodor DS compact disc harrow with integrated fertiliser and coulter bar. This allows the implement to be used with a range of cultivation methods with or without simultaneous fertilisation. The Jantar hopper, which is divided into three sections, delivers a capacity of 12,200 litres.


LEMKEN Compact-Solitair 9

Extension of the Compact-Solitair 9 range

The Compact-Solitair 9 range is extended once again. A folding version with 6 metres working width is launched to complement the earlier, rigid versions with 3 and 4 metres working width and under-root fertilisation. The range of models with rotary harrow is extended by a rigid version with 3 metres working width.


LEMKEN TramlineControl

Headland Command and TramlineControl electronic modules

With HeadlandCommand and TramlineControl, LEMKEN introduces two electronic modules for the electronic, GPS-controlled management of implement lifting and lowering at the headlands, including part width section control and tramline preparation.


LEMKEN Solitair 25

LEMKEN Solitair 25 - the new flagship seed drill

The Solitair pneumatic seed drill, the flagship among LEMKEN's seed drills, is comprehensively updated and launched on the market as the machine of the year 2016 under the name of Solitair 25, initially in a folding, semi-mounted version. Automatic calibration testing, which was awarded a silver medal, is only

LEMKEN Azurit with Solitair 23

Solitair 23 front tank

The new Solitair 23 front tank ideally complements the LEMKEN range of pneumatic seed drill technology, as this seed and fertiliser hopper can be combined with a wide range of different LEMKEN soil cultivation and sowing implements, making it extremely versatile.


LEMKEN Azurit precision seed drill

The Azurit, LEMKEN’s first precision seed drill, stands out through its innovative DeltaRow concept: individual seeds, which are conventionally deposited in single rows, are instead placed in two twin rows spaced 12.5 cm apart. This gives individual plants 70% more surface area for growth and ensures better access to water and nutrients.

Mechanical Seed Drills

Perfect sowing in all soils

The mechanical seed drills from the Saphir range make reliable, high-efficacy seed drill technology accessible even to medium-sized farms. read more

Pneumatic seed drills

Successful field cultivation

The pneumatic seed drills from the Solitair range offer precision and efficiency and meet a wide range of needs. read more

Drill combinations

For optimal seed placement

Whether in conventional or conservation sowing: a drill combination from the Compact-Solitair range is always a good choice wherever high efficacy is needed. read more