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Mechanical seed drills

mechanical seed drills

Compact and reliable: Saphir

The Saphir mechanical seed drills are the go-to implement for consistently even seed distribution and crop emergence. This is ensured by its coulter system with the proven parallel-guided double disc coulters.This short, compact seed drill makes high-quality seeding technology accessible to small and medium-sized farms in particular. Large hopper volumes enable equally high area outputs.

The highlights of the Saphir

The hopper

The Saphir is available with a hopper capacity of 860 or 1,160 litres. The plastic hopper cover fits tightly, but is easy to open thanks to the gas pressure shock absorber.

The wide access grille is sturdy and easily reached via the steps. The filling height is less than 70 cm above the access grille. The handrail provides safety when standing.

 Saphir sturdy and wide access grille

The large opening angle of the cover makes it easy to fill the hopper, even with big bags.

The inside of the seed hopper is designed to ensure an optimal, continuous flow of seeds.

Saphit tank for optimal, continuous flow of seeds

The on-board computer can be fitted with an optical and acoustic seed level alert upon request. The sensor in the hopper is easy to adjust and reliably detects the seed quantity currently remaining in the hopper.

Saphir precise seed level detection

Everything for precise sowing

Every detail of the Saphir is designed for precise and versatile sowing with a high level of operating convenience.

The Saphir features a hexagonal seeding shaft with quick-change system. Changing the seed wheels is very easy. Besides the combination seed wheels Conti Plus there are two single-part seed wheelsavailable:

  • Mono Plus for small peas up to 150 kg/ha
  • Mega Plus for peas and beans above 150 kg/ha.

The large seed wheel component is designed as a fluted cellular rotor of the two-part Conti Plus combination seed wheel. It continuously feeds the seeds into the seed pipes. Large seeds are metered out precisely and consistently. The cam wheel on the side meters out very small seeds such as rapeseed precisely and consistently. The separately driven seed wheels can be easily activated and deactivated.

A further seed wheel without a lateral cam wheel is available under the designation Conti Plus S for cereals with low sowing rates, hybrid cereals and fine seeds with a sowing rate of up to 100 kg/ha

Saphir seed wheel Conti Plus

The functionally designed seed wheel housing is made out of robust, low-wear plastic. The shut-off gate and bottom gates can be adjusted quickly and easily without the need for tools. The discharge flap integrated into the seed wheel housing can be easily converted from seeding to calibration mode.

Calibration testing is done quickly and easily, as seeds are collected in two calibration trays. These are inserted into and removed from the machine via convenient pull-outs on the side. Seeds flow directly into the container for weighing through flaps on the side.

Calibration testing

The proven parallelogram-guided double disc coulters with depth control wheel ensure precise seed placement and uniform field emergence.

More about the double disc coulter

The seed depth of the double disc coulter can be adjusted continuously via a screw in the centre of the seed drill. Turning the robust coulter frame changes the position of the pressure wheel relative to the double disc coulter – and with it the seed depth.  Separately adjusting the seed depth and coulter pressure ensures precise seed placement, especially on changeable soils.

Saphir seed depth adjustment

The tramline mechanism allows tramlines to be created at various intervals. To do this, the respective seed wheels are activated and deactivated via gear wheels and a clutch. The gear wheels on the intermediate shaft can be moved as required, making it very easy to set the various track widths. The tramline width can also be adjusted to the tyre width via additional gear wheels.

Saphir tramline mechanism

The Saphir variety

The Saphir mechanical seed drill is available with a mechanical or electric drive for the seeding shaft and can be used in combination or solo. An intelligent solution for safe transport rounds off the programme.

The Saphir mechanical seed drill is usually mounted on the roller of the Zirkon power harrow. The complete seed drill is carried directly by the roller. This makes it easier for the power harrow to avoid obstacles.

Mechanical seed drill Saphir in combination with the power harrow Zirkon

Optionally the Saphir can be both lifted and swung towards the front via a hydraulic cylinder. This alleviates the load reduction on the front axle. The hydraulic cylinders can additionally be used to individually adjust the position of the basic frame relative to the coulter bar by means of Hydro-Clips.

Saphir Saddling concept

Saphir 9

The Saphir with mechanical seeding shaft drive

To the Saphir 9

Saphir 9

Saphir 10

The Saphir with electric drive of the metering shaft. Also available with ISOBUS equipment.

To the Saphir 10

Saphir 10