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Furrow presses for optimal soil porosity

Ploughing loosens and crumbles the soil and increases its pore volume at the same time. This brings air and warmth into the soil and breaks capillary action in the soil. With tight crop rotations, there is often no time for the soil to settle gradually and natural tilth formation processes to take place. While the ploughed soil should not be allowed to dry out, it is essential that capillary action is restored as quickly as possible within the seed horizon.

LEMKEN furrow presses do an outstanding job in supporting soil tilth. They are positioned immediately behind the plough, where they reconsolidate the topsoil and break down large clumps at the right moment and at the optimal degree of moisture. This favours tilth formation and prevents drying out.

LEMKEN offers matching reconsolidation implements for any conditions of operation:

Furrow presses

High effifacy in any soil

The VarioPack furrow press contributes to optimal reconsolidation under any conditions of operation. read more