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VarioPack plough furrow press


The right porosity after ploughing

Immediately behind the plough, and thus at the most favourable moment and in the optimum moisture state, the soil is reconsolidated at the depth of the crock and coarse clods are broken up. The formation of fermentation is promoted and drying is prevented. The capillary action interrupted by the loosening and crumbling of the soil and the enlarged pores is quickly restored.

The furrow press thus lays the foundation for the seedbed in the tight crop rotations.

The packer arm on the plough

The packer arm with hydraulic release automatically swings in and out. This enables reliable catching of the packer and an optimal position of the pull point when ploughing.

The convenient, tool-free adjustment of the packer arm with a pin makes it easy to switch between the following positions:

  • Working position
  • Transport position
  • "Ploughing without packer" position

The universal packer arms with hydraulic release are available for all reversible ploughs, including those from other manufacturers.

The hook linkage on the furrow press

  • The hook linkage, made of highly elastic tempered steel, can be adjusted to fit any plough working width, so that a new hook linkage is not required if the packer is extended in width.
  • The catching point is adjustable, and is therefore perfectly positioned for any clearance height and ploughing depth.
  • The pull point can be adjusted during operation, ensuring reliable guidance of the packer even on slopes, without requiring overlap.
  • The rigid control rod with a contrabrake prevents unintentional swivelling of the link connection when working transverse to the slope or when the packer gets caught.

Safe on the road

A Cat. 2 or Cat. 3 N headstock can be fitted for easy and safe road transport of furrow presses up to three metres wide. A new semi-mounting trailer is now available for transporting double furrow presses with a width of more than three metres in accordance with regulations.

  • Quick and easy switch from the transport into the working position and vice versa
  • EU type approval for transport speeds of up to 40 km/h, allowing speedy travel to fields
  • Maximum transport width of 2.80 metres, easy transport even on narrow roads or tracks
  • Safe road transport and soil-friendly use in the field thanks to large tyres
  • Easy coupling to the tractor via a Cat. 3 cross shaft


Variopack on the road

Versatile with push device

  • The push device in the front hydraulics for the use of towed plough packers expands the degree of utilisation of the packer.
  • It is suitable for all packers with a Cat. II headstock, even machines from other manufacturers.
  • The push linkage controls the mechanical steering device and provides good steering behaviour with good weight distribution, enabling precise operation.
Variopack front mounting headstock

Adaptable double packer

  • Only the double row furrow press (WD) from LEMKEN offers the option of different working widths.
  • Double packer rings work in the area between the tractor‘s axles, where the tyres do not roll.
  • Single packer rings work together with tractor wheelings to create the same level of consolidation in that area. A more uniform seedbed can be created as a result.
Variopack Wechseldoppelpacker

Trailed implements

The use of a trailed roller ensures additional crumbling of cloddy soil and good levelling. On light to  medium soils, your field can be made ready for sowing in one pass.

With its large contact area, the nockenring roller is particularly well-suited for light soils. It ensures very good reconsolidation with low traction requirement.

Variopack Nockenring Roller

With its narrow ring spacing and its special ring profile, the Crosskill roller is especially suitable for medium and heavy soils.
It guarantees good reconsolidation with low risk of clogging and excellent crumbling effect.

Variopack crosskill roller

Because there is no frame surrounding the packer, the trailed implement can be mounted compactly, and the turning radius is very tight.
The trailed implement is easily mounted and dismounted, and always works on the soil that has already been reconsolidated.

Variopack Zentralrahmen

There is an additional load on the trailed implement due to the low position of the pull point in the middle of the three-point spatial axis when travelling forwards.
This prevents the single-row packer from tipping or the double-packer from rearing upwards.

The pressure point is located approx. 1 m below the soil surface when turning. This relieves the trailed implement and prevents pushing or burying.

  • The linkage arm can be swivelled in and facilitates road transport.
  • An optimal position for the centre of gravity is achieved by pulling the roller in towards the packer, so that it can also be transported with smaller tractors.
  • It is not necessary to dismount the hook linkage.
Variopack in transport position

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Technical data

VarioPack 110 WDP 70
Working width (cm) 100 - 300
Weight (kg) 590 - 1.452
Article number 721 3120
Rings 10 - 30
Ring diameter (mm) 700

Basic equipment

  • Multi-adjustable hook linkage with check chains
  • 30° ring profile (option 45°) available (recommendations see page 104)

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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