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Integrated furrow press FlexPack

  • For Juwel mounted ploughs and Titan 18 semi-mounted ploughs
  • Parallel to the plough frame
  • Adjustable pressure load

Plough furrow press with flexible working width

Distance from farm to field, often increases with farm size. This means furrow presses fully-mounted on the plough, offer a practical and time-saving solution by avoiding the need for a separate transport tractor. The FlexPack can also deal with variable working widths while ploughing. It can be combined with the Juwel reversible mounted ploughs and the Titan 18 semi-mounted ploughs, also in the versions with OptiStone overload protection.

Advantages of integrated furrow press FlexPack

  • The packer frame runs parallel to the plough frame. This avoids strips of land being double pressed when the plough does not utilise its maximum working width. Thus the FlexPack guarantees uniform reconsolidation of the soil.
  • The FlexPack is also used during ploughing of the first furrow, and the packer can be used both at the headland and side edges of the field.
  • Packer ring arrangements offset in pairs, with a diameter of 60 cm V-profile, ensure that work is performed without any clogging. This ensures an excellent pressing effect whilst preventing them sinking too deeply into the soil.
  • The load, transferred to the FlexPack, can be adjusted hydraulically to provide the optimum level of consolidation for the conditions.

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Technical data

FlexPack JR 4-100 FlexPack JR 5-100 FlexPack JR 6-100
Working width (cm) 220 275 330
Weight (kg) 430 510 590
Article number 726 5611 726 5612 726 5613
Rings 16 20 24
Ring diameter (mm) 600 600 600

Basic equipment


  • Hydraulic swing-in device
  • For 4-furrow mounted reversible ploughs Juwel 7 M (V)
  • For 4-, 5- and 6-furrow mounted reversible ploughs Juwel 8 M (V), Juwel 8 i V and Juwel 10 M (V)
  • With 100 cm interbody clearance, only
  • Not possible in combination with hydraulic overload safety device OptiStone
  • Suitable for light soils

The availability and basic equipment of the machine may vary depending on the country. Please contact your dealer.



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