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Being able to perform stubble cultivation at both shallow and medium depths as well as topsoil seedbed preparation for mulch sowing with a single implement saves investment and operating costs.

The LEMKEN Karat 12 intensive cultivator allows fields to be cultivated at various levels, whether at a shallow, medium or greater depth. With shallow cultivation during the first pass, the specially shaped wing shares incorporate volunteer cereals and organic matter into the soil close to the surface. Volunteer cereals remain in the top soil layer, where they can germinate quickly.

The second pass is then completed about two weeks later: the same cultivator is used to work at a depth of about 10–15 cm. The wing shares of the cultivator cut underneath the volunteer regrowth, slice it off across the full surface and uproot any seedlings. At the same time, the Karat 12 intensive cultivator intensively incorporates straw and organic matter and distributes it evenly across the soil.



  • The beams are arranged at 90-80-90 cm distances to provide sufficient clearance for blockage-free operation even with 4 rows of tines and a line distance of 23.4 cm.
  • The depth control wheels positioned next to the first row of tines ensure that the cultivator is optimally guided.
  • If reconsolidation is not desired, the Karat 12 can also be used without a roller.
Version Working width Tines/Pairs of discs Line distance Beam distance
Karat 12/400 KUA 4 m 17/4 23,4 cm 90/80/90 cm
Karat 12/500 KUA 4,93 m 21/5 23,4 cm 90/80/90 cm
Karat 12/600 KUA 5,87 m 25/6 23,4 cm 90/80/90 cm
Karat 12/700 KUA 6,80 m 29/7 23,4 cm 90/80/90 cm

Version Transport width Max. length incl. roller Weight without roller Tractor output
Karat 12/400 KUA 3 m 9 m 5.330 kg 132-206 kW (180-280 PS)
Karat 12/500 KUA 3 m 9 m 5.590 kg 165-257 kW(225-350 PS)
Karat 12/600 KUA 3 m 9 m 6.520 kg 199-309 kW (270-420 PS)
Karat 12/700 KUA 3 m 9 m 7.270 kg 232-360 kW (315-490 PS)